For everyone’s safety, remember to hide your weapons when leaving the event area.


No Sharp Blades, Armor, Live Projectile Weapons or Radioactive material.



Make your parents proud. Throw all garbage into a trash can near you.


The convention centre is a non-smoking area. Keep yourself and others healthy.


Your belongings are your responsibility. Lost and found can be reported at the Info Counter or Facebook (for post-event) for further assistance.



Please ask a cosplayer before taking photos. Be mindful and respectful. 



Beware the pedobear Keep your children safe. If you have lost someone, please notify us at the Info Counter immediately.



Be patient. Be kind to one another. Don’t be stupid, stupid. #DilarangBodoh



Obstruction of traffic is a safety hazard.

For emergency reasons, please do not camp at the entrances or exits.


It is here to answer your questions regarding the event, crew(s), sponsors, procedures, or secret admirers.


Keep the place neat and tidy. Spark joy. Stay clean and be proud of it.


Event House Rules

  • While you are enjoying your time at AniManGaki, kindly be aware that you are expected to abide by our Event House Rules. Breaking of which can mean potential removal from the event grounds, charges by local authorities, or a subsequent ban from our future projects. You don’t trash your friend’s house and expect to walk away like nothing happened, right?
  • One of the main goals of AniManGaki and its projects is to ensure that our event environments are safe and family-friendly. So use common sense and do not do anything that may be dangerous, triggering, or upsetting to others. #DilarangBodoh
  • AniManGaki has a zero tolerance policy on any form of harassment. Be the best version of yourself. Behave. Always listen to the words of the event crew. If you choose to play stupid games, you will win stupid prizes. #JustSaying
  • No smoking in or near the event space. Please head outside the convention centre or at least 8 meters away from the event grounds.
  • Offensive clothing (i.e., ahegao hoodies) and signage are not allowed. 
  • Soliciting or panhandling for money, sexual favours, hugs, etc is not allowed. 
  • Those who are 18 or younger must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times. Do not leave your minor unattended, and please teach them to head to the Info Counter for any troubles. Protecc the vulnerable, please! 
  • Stranger Danger! If your gut feeling is telling you that a certain attendee is up to no good, please listen to it. If you are feeling uncomfortable, talk to our crew at the information counter. 
  • Suspect criminal activity or misdoing? Record and document evidence, then report it to us. We will come to your aid to resolve the issue and/or help you escalate the matter to the relevant authorities. 
  • Prop inspections will take place prior to entering the event grounds. Do not bring any illegal weapons or dangerous props to the event. This includes, but is not limited to, sharp blades, explosives, overly large armour, chemicals, live projectiles, metal weapons, etc. 
  • Individuals participating in AniManGaki or projects by Rakugaki Events PLT are granting their permission to be photographed or filmed by permitted individuals. By participating in our events, you are granting permission to AniManGaki and Rakugaki Events PLT to use those photos or videos for event promotional purposes. AniManGaki and Rakugaki Events PLT are not obligated to notify photographed subjects in advance of image usage.
  • Do not make threatening gestures or swing weapons in public places. 
  • Pets and animals are not allowed on event grounds. 
  • Always make sure you eat or drink something while you are having fun!
  • A good rule of thumb is: anything you think is illegal outside, chances are, would also be illegal at our event. 
  • The AniManGaki Committee reserves the right to amend these rules from time to time without prior notice.

COVID-19 Event SOP

  • To provide a safe event environment, AniManGaki will be enforcing strict SOP measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone involved in or going to the event is expected to adhere to the following guidelines or risk being removed or barred from entering the event grounds.
  • Effective October 1, 2021, it will be compulsory for attendees to provide a valid digital certificate of vaccination to prove full vaccination, which shall mean 14 days after the 2nd dose in a 2 dose series, such as Cormirnaty (Pfizer-BioNTech), Covid-19 AstraZenaca (Oxford-AstraZenaca), CoronaVac (Sinovac), Spikevax (Moderna) and Covilo (Sinopharm) or 28 days after a single dose vaccine, such as COVID-19 Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and Convidecia (Can Sino). We will only allow individuals who have completed their full vaccination to enter the event space, regardless of age. So if you are bringing children, make sure they are fully vaccinated to avoid disappointment. Periodic checks by our staff will be made at the event.
  • Please do your best to maintain a physical distance of at least 1 meter apart. 
  • Hand sanitizers will be readily available at the information counters.
  • We encourage the use of e-wallet for payment transactions of any kind.
  • Please limit physical contact with your friends as much as possible!  
  • Please practise good hygiene. For example, if you have to cough or sneeze, do not remove your mask. Wash your hands often.
  • We will be checking at all entrances. The queue for the event may be long. So please remain patient!
  • Please perform an RTK test at home (at least 24 hours prior) before coming to the event. If you feel sick, please stay at home.
  • Come equipped with your smartphone or any relevant medical documents.
  • Masks are mandatory. Wear masks as approved by KKM only! Sorry, no clear or cloth masks are allowed. Removing your masks for food and drink consumption at the event is at your own discretion. AniManGaki is not responsible for any consequences stemming from your actions. 
  • Make sure your MySejahtera COVID-19 Risk Status is “Low-Risk” or “Casual Contact without Symptoms” only. Otherwise, you will be turned away.
  • Event crew, vendors, and all tag holders are mandated to submit an RTK test result one day prior to the first event day. 
  • If you are found to have violated the event SOP with evidence, immediate action will be taken. AniManGaki tickets are non-refundable, regardless of your COVID-19 status. 

Event Ticket Guidelines

Prior to event day, AniManGaki will be selling 2-day tickets and the Super Gaki Pass only. Single-day tickets can be purchased on event day, only if you enjoy long queues and potentially missing out on certain event programmes. 

To get the early bird discounted rate of RM110 per 3-day ticket, use promo code “AMG2023” (for the first 3,000 pairs only) and/or other applicable codes. Codes are not stackable.

For the first time in AniManGaki history, we will be enforcing an Event Ticket Cap/Limit:

  • 40,000 individual event tickets (10,000 units of Day 1, 15,000 units of Day 2 tickets and 15,000 units of Day 3 tickets) only
  • 300 Super Gaki Packs only
    This event ticket cap or limit is important to ensure the comfort and safety of all attendees of AniManGaki. 

If you would like to sell AniManGaki tickets with your own unique promo code, feel free to email [email protected] for further action.

When you make a purchase on our site, you acknowledge and agree that: 

  • Full payment has to be made online via iPay88 or Paypal to confirm your purchase(s). All prices are stated in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).
  • You are responsible for your tickets. No refunds or exchanges are provided for lost or stolen tickets or failure to show up for the event. All ticket sales are final.
  • By purchasing our event ticket, you inherently agree to abide by all event rules. Breaking any event rules may result in eviction from the event grounds with no refund.
  • For shipping, we will be using Pos Malaysia or Teleport as our main platforms.
  • AniManGaki is liable and responsible for providing refunds or comparable tickets if the event is cancelled, varied, or postponed.
  • Illegal ticket sales or scalping are strictly prohibited. 
  • To fully indemnify and hold AniManGaki harmless against any expenses, costs, loss, or damage that the event may suffer as a result of you breaching any of these terms. 

Children, OKU (Disabled) and Senior Citizens are eligible for a discounted price of RM15 per ticket, available for purchase only on event days at the Mines Convention Centre.


Panel, Workshop & Special Guests Guidelines

  • Panels, workshops, and autograph sessions are held in private rooms above the convention centre. As such, there are additional rules and etiquette to abide by. 
  • Special guests are one of the main contents of AniManGaki events. We also put extra care into making sure their stay during our events and in Malaysia goes as smoothly as possible. We understand that it is exciting to meet them, but often the case is that we can only accommodate a certain number of requests, especially during meet-and-greet or autograph sessions.
  • So a pro tip is to get in line early, but most importantly, manage your expectations, because there is an off chance you may not get to enter these rooms due to high demand. 
  • Do not stall the queue. Do not jump the queue. You are not allowed to hold the queue for a group of friends. 
  • For autograph sessions, you may get your AniManGaki Event Booklet and relevant official merchandise signed by the guests. No bootleg or irrelevant item is allowed. You can only get ONE ITEM per person signed. Always check with the staff in the room before going up to the guest. No photo ops during autograph sessions, unless specified otherwise. 
  • Special guests have their own personal criteria, so understand that we will change certain policies according to their needs. 
  • No flash photography is allowed within the panel, workshop, or autograph rooms. 
  • No heckling or disruptive behaviour is allowed. If reported, you will be removed from the room. 

Event Photography Guidelines

    • Before obtaining permission to photograph an individual, a brief self-introduction should be given. For media representatives, please produce or flash your credentials and press passes (if any) to the subject before taking photos.
    • Please show the cosplayer or the photographed person your photos after taking them, should they request it. Delete/retake photos if requested by the cosplayer or subject.
    • You are NOT ALLOWED to set up any lighting structures or backdrops within the hall or at any non-designated photography area. Immediately portable or not, photographers will be asked to move these structures at any time.
    • Help us maintain peace and order by ensuring cosplayers avoid posing in unacceptable manners or being disrespectful to other cosplayers or attendees.
    • Photographers are NOT allowed to take up-skirt photos, low-angle shots, or any other type of exploitative photo. Such behaviour will result in removal from the premises and being reported to the authorities.
    • Photographers are NOT allowed to take close-up pictures of booths and their products without the explicit permission of the booth owners.
    • Photography is strictly NOT allowed in the washrooms or changing rooms.
    • Individuals bringing oversized equipment or props are advised to be cautious and avoid hurting others.
    • AniManGaki will not be responsible for any damage or loss of equipment or belonging(s) should such an incident occur.
    • Violation of our guidelines may result in the confiscation of equipment by AniManGaki staff and will only see its return to the owner at a later date.

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