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EXPERIENCE a cultural phenomenon like no other; SPEAK to key players of industries and field experts, LEARN about the latest technologies and production works, CREATE platforms for artists to showcase their talents, and ENGAGE with attendees from Malaysia and abroad as you submerge in the festive atmosphere of our community-based projects. Join us as we INSPIRE a generation of creative minds, and have FUN doing it!


Debut Year: 2009

Our biggest and oldest project is now 13 years old! The event welcomed 20,000 animation, comics and games (ACG) fans at its peak.
Runs annually in Q3


Debut Year: 2017

Our more portable and fun-size version serves as a teaser for our main event, AniManGaki. Also catering to those who can’t get enough of our events.

Runs annually in Q2


Debut Year: 2018

 Our chillax project strikes a good balance between arts, entertainment and education. Its goal is to see that attendees come for the fun and leave learning something new. 

Runs annually in Q1


Debut Year: 2020

Our newest project (and also our first fully online event) is our response to Covid-19. Its goal is to make our contents more accessible for our community to gather safely in the comforts of their own home.   

Runs annually in Q4



Event: AniManGaki
Name Origin: (means ‘blessing’)

A fun-loving lion who enjoys going on brave adventures, cosplaying and pranking its other siblings. Its glorious mane requires constant maintenance, much to the dismay of its caretakers. Eats oranges every day. Gender unknown.



Event: AMG-Chan
Name Origin: 天 (means ‘sky’)

A shy female Tengu who hatched out of a magical egg obtained by Kei-chan from a mysterious dungeon. She has the ability to shape-shift into human form, mirroring others to reflect their heart’s desires. Favourite pastimes include sewing costumes and cooking.


Event: ACE
Name Origin:  (means ‘bright’)

The teenager of the family, this hoodie-lover Koala sleeps for 18 to 22 hours a day. When not sleeping, he is usually seen tinkering with the latest toys and tech gadgets. Adopted into the family after hacking AniManGaki’s stage in 2018. Smells of eucalyptus.


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