Our Community


An abbreviation of ‘costume’ and ‘play’, cosplay is an increasingly popular hobby worldwide. Fans usually attend the event in their own tailored costumes and role-play as their favourite characters. Thousands throng our events annually in vibrant colours and characters.

Cosplayers may compete in our Solo, Group or Kids Cosplay Competitions on-stage, get resourceful with our Low Budget Cosplay Competition, or enter their furry sidekicks in our Pets Cosplay Competition!


Manga, graphic novel, or comic, no matter the name or universe, involves the art of blending visuals and storytelling. Learn from and be inspired by those who do this for a living by attending our Panel or Workshop sessions at our events.

Animation & Anime

No longer just for kids, animated films are steadfastly entering mainstream media, whether at local cinemas or online streaming platforms. Diehard fans are now openly buying, collecting, and supporting their favourite titles, as this obsession is now trending and cool. Check out our Community Hall to satisfy your curiosity about niche interests, and perhaps you will find your next passion there.

We take this up a notch by inviting prominent players within the industry to our events to Meet and Greet their fans. 


Artists (‘doujin’ in Japanese) set up booths to display their works, sell handmade crafts to attendees, and fulfil commission requests.

We have since adopted a lottery system to cope with the high demand for artist booths at our events. Artists may also compete in our annual Art Competition. And if your medium is anything from the kitchen, try our Geek Chef Competition!


They sing, dance, and entertain! We open our stage to celebrate talents of all kinds, such as live band music, dance, and comedic play by indie groups. Our stages run non-stop from the opening until the closing of the events.

Watch in awe as the crowd grooves passionately to the music with their light sticks! For the talented nightingales, they may test their skills in AniManGaki Idol — the oldest singing competition of its kind in Malaysia.

Video Games

E-sports, mobile, consoles—you name it! Participants compete live in several featured games to win prizes and earn the championship title of the year.

Occasionally, winners get sent abroad to represent Malaysia!

Tabletop Games

These offline hobbies encourage more face-to-face interaction in an increasingly isolated society. They can include, but are not limited to, collectible card games, board games, and miniatures.

Fans, Like You!

Why we do what we do today has always been to create a safe place for enthusiasts to celebrate geek culture and to simply be themselves! Make a new friend, join a community, learn something new, and make lifelong memories to be cherished for years to come.