Kei-chan wants to know how resourceful and passionate you are at cosplaying! Exercise your creativity and stand a chance to win some cool prizes!

1st Place

RM 500 worth of goodies

2nd Place

RM 300 worth of goodies

3rd Place

RM 200 worth of goodies


1st Place

Lambor Zinni

2nd Place

Team Manboobs

3rd Place

Ellen Yong


Vivid Vision

An avid cosplayer with over 15 years of cosplay experience. Since childhood, she has an interest in Japanese anime and culture. She has immersed herself in the artistry of costume design and creation. She is heavily involved in the anime community and has traveled to numerous anime and video game conventions internationally. She has been invited as a designer three times to showcase her costumes at Western Canada Fashion Week. Vivid Vision is has recently started to dabble in the music and voice over creatives. Combining her cosplay skills with her passion in music, she continues to expand her creative horizon.

Rikka Blurhound

Hello I am Rikka! 🐣
A cosplayer and prop maker since 2011, Rikka has joined numerous international projects and competitions, including collaborating with Riot Games as the Official Star Guardian Jinx and releasing a promo video with MTV Asia. Cosplay photo shooting is a big part of Rikka’s cosplay journey and she values character portrayal and creative expression and her Harley Quinn Cosplay Photo was chosen as one of the top 10 best Harley Quinn Cosplays Globally on World Cosplay. Rikka also enjoy memes.


Shinku_真紅 was exposed to the world of cosplay back in 2008, as a one-time fun experience for her. Since then, she’s never looked back and her journey as a cosplayer began ever since. Skilled in crafting highly detailed weapons using affordable, easily accessible or unconventional materials, her props and costumes are eye-catching and a work of art. Together with her cosplay partner Dovaッ豆花, both of them have represented Malaysia at the Clara Cosw Cosplay Cup (C4) in 2017 held in Netherlands, and the World Cosplay Summnit (WCS) in 2018 held in Nagoya, Japan, as Team Valkyrie. She was also the judge for AniManGaki 2019 Cosplay Competition.

All SubmissionS

Lambor Zinni


Dody Cosplay


Taito Tetsuya

Karmen Cosplay

Kokhao Low

Team Manboobs


Kenjimura Chow

Kimiko Miko

Erina Joestar

Ellen Yong


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