Artists & Cosplayers,

    If you are reading this, we believe you and/or your friends may be looking to secure a spot at Jom Cosplay! or Quay to Japan or both events to sell your works. Fret not, you are at the right place and we got you covered. Things are a little bit different this time round, so make sure you read the rules and regulations thoroughly before signing up!

      In light of Covid-19, it is important that everyone heed to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Kindly refer to Event SOP for more info.


        AniManGaki reserves the right to change the Rules and Regulations without prior notice.

        • AniManGaki, Sungei Wang and Quayside Mall are not liable for any sales, items or emotional loss that occurred during the event. Please take care of your belongings.
        • AniManGaki, Sungei Wang and Quayside Mall are not responsible for items sold by another artist or cosplayer. However, if they are selling your art or doing any copyright infringement, kindly report to us and we will take the necessary action.
        • Artists and cosplayers shall at all time protect, identify, and keep AniManGaki harmless against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense.
        • Owners must refrain from actions or omissions that put them or anyone nearby in danger or other damage of any kind or give rise to situations that may cause similar results.
        • Lastly, have fun at our event(s).


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