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Hey Fighting Gamers!

Infinite Carnage is back to bring you AMG Online Cage Matches 2021! Time to hit the training room! This is your opportunity to show your might and win some great prizes!




  • First to 2 (Best of 3)
  • First to 3 (Best of 5) Top 3 till Grand Finals
  • Time Limit: 60 sec
  • Double Elimination Format
  • Stage at random
  • Losers are allowed to change character & stage
  • No button assist/auto combo is allowed
  • Jack preset 3 & 4 are not allowed
  • Gigas present 3 are not allowed

Guilty Gear Strive

  • First to 2 (Best of 3)
  • First to 3 (Best of 5) Top 4 till Grand Finals
  • Time Limit: 99 sec
  • Double Elimination Format
  • No button assist/auto combo is allowed
  • Losers are allowed to change characters
  • All stages are allowed except the following (reason: potential lag/frame drop):
    • L’oro Di Illyria
    • Ajatar Hunting Ground
    • Jellyfish Skyarium
    • Original Times Square


  • Double Elimination Format
  • First to 2 (Best of 3), Grand Finals First to 3 (Best of 5)
  • After a match, the loser is allowed to switch characters, the winner cannot switch characters.
  • Only in-game button macros allowed.
  • Players must not be late when called to show up for their match. If they don’t join in 5 minutes then they are immediately forfeit.
  • Early ESC or disconnect is automatically considered forfeit for the player that did it.
  • Only the following stages are allowed: Scarlet Devil Mansion Library, Scarlet Devil Mansion Foyer & Hakurei Shrine


1)  This tournament is open to SEA Region.

2)  All players must provide their Steam ID and Discord ID upon registration.

3)  During tournament matches, the identity of the player must match the Steam ID and Discord ID provided during registration. If a player is found using a different ID from the one they registered with, both the player and the ID owner will be disqualified.

4)  Registration will close on 19/08/2021.

5)  Brackets will be released on 20/08/2021.

6)  All players must be on LAN. Players discovered to be using WIFI will be disqualified.

7)  Players must check-in on Discord at the specified time. Players who fail to check in will be disqualified.

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