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Hailing from Sabah, the Sino-Kadazan is a master of the doodle arts and founder of #kendylife. The cartoonist’s love of comics and exposure to Southeast Asia’s art style had a significant influence on the direction of his works, combining the natural elements of simplicity and doodle. Through his brand, he has won several awards, conducted workshops and given keynote speeches in Malaysia and abroad. Presently, he is also the official Malaysian ambassador of Sakura Color Japan.


I’m Keem from Malaysia, a mother of two adult children. I’m a homebaker, a baking instructor and also a classical Piano and vocal teacher. I started to have this passion in baking at a very young age where I used to watch my mom when she bakes… that’s the time she would teach me. I also love painting and crafts, so merging these two hobbies together has always been a challenge I gave to myself. But I only get to realised this dream last few years. At that time I was heavily inspired by the Japanese pattern cakes. I was so obsessed with it that I began to practice really hard, trying to make my cakes better in terms of art and texture. It was good timing actually, because at this age I feel I have more patience and creativity installed.

Rikka Blurhound

Hello I am Rikka! 🐣
A cosplayer and prop maker since 2011, Rikka has joined numerous international projects and competitions, including collaborating with Riot Games as the Official Star Guardian Jinx and releasing a promo video with MTV Asia. Cosplay photo shooting is a big part of Rikka’s cosplay journey and she values character portrayal and creative expression and her Harley Quinn Cosplay Photo was chosen as one of the top 10 best Harley Quinn Cosplays Globally on World Cosplay. Rikka also enjoy memes.


Heheheyyyy of all the gachas, FINALLY A 5 STAR!! you’ve got yourself me! Pudds!!! The content creator, streamer and host. Pudds’ passion is in making people laugh and enjoy themselves through her witty content, strange interests and dad jokes! She’ll definitely bring y’all a greatttt time. So, come hangout with me and let’s talk about everything Genshin Impact.

Rin Kizawa Cosplay

A passionate cosplayer and the leader of a dance team called Dreamin’. Usually cosplays characters from childhood cartoons. Currently obsessed with Disney animation.


The name is Azwanxious(He/Him).
Fulltime Streamer.
Creating safe space to be happy, scream, laugh, lots of giggles.
Most Importantly to have fun! Play different ranges of games from RPG to Simulators with the Switch and PC.


Yin is one half of the casual gaming duo: Thea & Caffeyin! She is an avid gamer who started her obsession by becoming her brother’s only gaming audience. Now, Yin enjoys streaming to an audience on Twitch! A huge Final Fantasy, Genshin Impact, and Pokemon fan, she is also excited to share her love of anime and cosplay. Yin is also addicted to coffee and bubble tea.

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