Authored by Eddie (AniManGaki)

I Visited Genshin Impact’s First Malaysian Mall Activation And This Is What I Saw

Ad Astra Abyssosque, travellers! When I heard that Genshin Impact activated a booth at Sunway Velocity Mall to celebrate Chinese New Year, I knew it was a must to go check it out. From the mall’s social media post, it seemed that the activation is from 25th January until 7th February only. 

The Booth & Activities

Located on the third floor of the mall in front of Myung Rang, you can quickly spot the booth. Upon first glance, you can tell that it is heavily inspired and themed after Liyue, with its Chinese stylized arch towers and characteristic red gate. I spent a good amount of time staring at the booth and was in awe at the attention to details. And just like in the game, you’ll see Katheryne working hard behind the table and on selected days, other Genshin cosplay characters make their appearances as well. Just uh, make sure to pay attention to the SOPs. 

For fans of the game, you can complete a couple of missions to walk away with some exclusive Genshin merchandise, namely postcards and coasters. One of the activities involve taking a selfie of yourself with the Genshin booth and uploading the picture on social media with the hashtags #GenshinImpact and #Genshin. The second activity involves finding Katheryne’s magic words inside the booth area itself and reciting it to her. A bonus question may be unlocked which features Genshin trivia with Katheryne. Guess it correctly and you’ll get an extra freebie!

For non-players, you may still walk away with the merchandise. All you have to do is play a demo of the game using the iPads and or download Genshin Impact on your phone and you can get another postcard.Easy peasy!

If you cannot find the time to go down to Sunway Velocity Mall to visit the Genshin Impact booth, don’t worry as they launched an online giveaway contest to win official Genshin character acrylic stands featuring Zhongli or Raiden Shogun. It’s really simple, just go to the Sunway Velocity Facebook’s post and drop a comment saying:

          Who is your favourite Genshin Impact character

          Tag 2 other people into the post

          Add the hashtags #GenshinImpact #Genshin #SunwayVelocity

Really simple steps for a chance to win, so what are you waiting for? Contest ends on 6th February 2022. 

All in all, I felt fulfilled and warm knowing that Genshin Impact appreciates and has us fans in mind. This was already a moving experience for starters. I sure hope there’s more to come as we celebrate every milestone this game seeks to achieve.