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ANIMANGAKI 2017 (19 - 20 August 2017)

Do you feel most in your element when you are sparkling and roaring in front of live audiences? Perhaps your band seeks an earth-shattering platform that is hotter than fire and cooler than water? Look no further, we invite you, passionate performers to liven up our stage at AniManGaki 2017!

Registration Process

  1. Complete the registration by filling up this online form. In case the online registration form is down, please send your inquiry to
  2. Send us a link to the YouTube video of your performance via the online registration form! The linked appeal video should be:
    1. Your previous performance(s) in occasion(s) other than AniManGaki, which represents content similar to your planned act for AniManGaki 2017, OR
    2. Your newly planned performance to debut in any of our events (in case you have no prior performing experience on stage, or you wish to present a fresh act never seen before, resulting in no prior video of similar content), AND
    3. A public YouTube video i.e. not unlisted & private.
  3. As AniManGaki strongly believes in the idea of “less is more”, you are encouraged to submit an appeal video not exceeding 3 minutes. Also, the appeal video must be recent i.e. dated within 8 months before June 2017.
  4. We prefer appeal videos which have 480p or higher quality as clarity of both audio & video affects our evaluation & selection significantly.
  5. Evaluation & selection are based on your performance content & performing abilities showcased in the video. Slots are limited, so we will be selecting the best of the best!

To hint, AniManGaki is actively seeking for the following types of live act (not compulsory, however higher consideration will be given based on “freshness”):

  1. Vocal & dance unit
  2. Dance/cheerleading crew
  3. Bands with usage of unconventional musical instruments
  4. Performances heavily related to the theme of AniManGaki 2017

Registration Deadline

ANIMANGAKI 2017 : 18th June 2017

Selected performances will be contacted via email with further instructions attached by end of June 2017 for AniManGaki 2017. Please note that your selection of performing at AniManGaki will be final and may not be subject to amendments after form submission. All selections by the AniManGaki committee are final at this point of time.

Please email any further enquiries to:

So are you ready? Register now!