The Most Anticipated Stage Battle IS BACK!

In order to broaden both musical and cultural horizons, AniManGaki Idol 2017 welcomes both Malaysian and non-Malaysian entries! This year, the challenge is much tougher as the competition is undergoing exciting transformation with the introduction of a new phase - online screening!

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Top 12

Chinatsu Rin
Erinne Lynn
Kurosu Raika
Rhosu Katsu
Sayako AYA

Competition Prizes*

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Grand Prize*

SonicGear/Armaggeddon products (worth RM750) & TokyoNinki makeup products (worth RM500)

1st Runner Up

SonicGear/Armaggeddon products (worth RM750) & TokyoNinki makeup products (worth RM400)

2nd Runner Up

SonicGear/Armaggeddon products (worth RM750) & TokyoNinki makeup products (worth RM300)

All finalists will receive a SonicGear/Armaggeddon product & a TokyoNinki gift.

*Subject to changes


  • Singing is the minimum required act for this competition. Duet & group singing are allowed, with a maximum of 3 members per group.
  • Bands are not qualified for this competition; bands will have a chance to shine on stage by registering for our "Stage Performances" online audition.
  • No participant can join more than one entry in this competition.
  • Top 3 winners of the immediate previous AniManGaki Idol are subject to a one-year cooling period, thus not eligible to join this year's competition. This is to encourage new talents to join.
    AniManGaki Idol Winners Cooling Period Eligibility in 2017
    Top 3 of 2016 One (1) Year Not eligible
    Top 3 of years prior to 2015 N/A Eligible
  • Songs chosen & submitted must fit either categories:
    • Any Japanese song, or
    • English song with relation to ACG media.
  • Participants will go through 4 stages of elimination process:

    *number of participants may change depending on Judges' discretion

    1. AniManGaki Idol Registration (until 04/07/2017)
    2. AniManGaki Idol Audition (29/07/2017)
    3. AniManGaki Idol Preliminaries (19/08/2017)
    4. AniManGaki Idol Finals (20/08/2017)

Competition Registration

  • To register, please fill in the registration form with complete details & attach a recording of your singing in a form of audio or video file. We strongly encourage submission of high quality recording files to ensure that it is the best representation of your singing. Should you encounter any submission difficulty, please email us at
  • The recording of your singing is not limited to karaoke/instrumental accompaniment, however it should be not more than 2 minutes and 15 seconds. You are encouraged to trim the song to enable optimal expression of your vocal talent (e.g. edit out long intro).
  • Registration officially ends on 07/07/2017 at 11.59PM (GMT+8). Should you need to make any changes, please RESUBMIT a new form before the deadline! The latest entry will automatically replace any previous entry. Post-deadline (re)submissions will not be entertained.
  • Accepted submissions will go through online screening and only 30* participants will advance to the next stage. The Top 30* participants to advance to the AniManGaki Idol Audition will be announced via our Facebook page and contacted via email on/before 19/07/2017. Remember to check your email for more information and further instructions!
  • AniManGaki reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed unsuitable for the competition and Judges' decisions are final. Have fun!

IDOL Audition

  • Participants who made into the Top 30* are required to be physically present on audition day to perform a full song of their choice in front of our judges. You are allowed to perform the song you have submitted for AniManGaki Idol Registration.
  • Reading or singing from a script or printed lyrics is discouraged. Participants are expected to memorise the lyrics beforehand.
  • The arrangement and sequence of the audition will be announced and conducted on the audition day itself. Early arrival for registration on audition day does not guarantee an earlier performance. Participants are expected to be present until their time of performance. Please bear with us throughout this audition!
  • Only 12 participants will advance to AniManGaki Idol Preliminaries. The Top 12 participants to advance to the AniManGaki Idol Preliminaries will be announced via our Facebook page and contacted via email on/before 31/07/2017.

Judging Criteria

Vocal ability 40%
Charisma 30%
Originality 20%
Crowd engagement 10%
TOTAL 100%

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need for online screening?

As this competition is considered to be an annual favourite, the number of entries received increases year by year. In order to cater for this demand, we decided to utilise online screening as a means to select the cream of the crop, simultaneously reducing participants' waiting time during closed audition.

Is this competition restricted to Malaysia citizens only?

NO. This competition opens to all regardless of nationality starting this year, i.e. we welcome registrations and entries from participants within and outside Malaysia. However, there's something you'll need to take note!

What should I take note of if I am entering this competition?

Should you be selected as one of the Top 30* participants, you are required to take part in the closed audition i.e. you need to be physically present in Malaysia. Subsequently if you advance to Top 12 or Top 5, you are required to attend AniManGaki 2017 for the Preliminaries and Finals.

Are my expenses borne by AniManGaki if I am selected to advance?

AniManGaki is not responsible to bear any expenses you incurred to enter this competition. However, you may contact us at should you require any assistance with regards to this matter.

If I won AniManGaki Idol 2016 as a soloist, can I enter AniManGaki Idol 2017 as a duet or group (or vice versa)?

You will be subject to a one-year cooling period, thus not eligible to join this year’s competition. AniManGaki Idol is held annually with the intention of discovering new/potential talents and providing them a venue/opportunity to blossom!

The Judges

Raja Rfb Farouk

Farouk started performing in 2009 in the J-Rock community, with a Tokyo Jihen tribute and ACG cover band call “Flicked Mind", which have performed at various events such as Taylor Asaban, J-Rock Kingdom , J-Rock no Tamashii. Later he moved in making his own project band call RFB, the"Raja Farouk Band", with their first debut in J-Rock no Tamashii, showcasing a final fantasy tribute performance . Farouk’s work in the RFB project was scouted into Comic Fiesta in 2012 when he was featured in the opening ceremony that led him into working with Comic Fiesta for 2013/2014 as the stage producer/curator. During his time in Comic Fiesta, he was also heavily producing and curating content for local ACG performers.

During this period he also have his own band call "Fazz" where they do their original music inspired by Broadway and Japanese influence music and had travelled to Japan for their first ever Haneda Anime Festival in 2015. They have been touring Korea and Japan ever since with their original music and materials.

Huei Chan

In 2010, Huei Chan participated and earned the title as the winner of AniManGaki Idol, which was also her first experience in performing anisongs on stage. From then on, she continues her passion for singing at more events. Aside from ACG events, she also made it to the Top 16 in a local Mandarin singing competition Astro Star Quest in 2013. Discovered her love for singing at the age of 7 and has joined various singing competitions and events, Huei Chan has been known for her solo performances in local ACG events including Comic Fiesta 2012, 2014, UCC Cosplay Ballroom, and XPAX Fantasy Fest.

Jasmine Minori

At the age of 14, due to her love in Japanese music, she decided to learn up the Japanese language so that she could feel and understand her music more deeply. While attending university, she started playing the electric guitar and participated more frequently in singing performances in Events and Dinner, especially ACG (Anime, Comic, Games) related events. She started performing at C2age at 2010. From then on, she has performed in numerous events like Comic Fiesta, AniManGaki, C2AGE and so on. She also is in a band called The CrestFall. She is the main vocalist of the 6-piece Japanese pop-rock band formed in 2012 and been performing since. While the band plays mainly Japanese music in the scene, They do involve with other contemporary songs such as Mandarin and English accommodating for the various kinds of events that they perform.