Whether you are coming to AniManGaki for a day or two, you will be required to get an entrance ticket! They double as a concert pass (only on Day 01) and unlock special perks with our partners during event days.
What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Ticket Types

  • Includes Day 1 & 2 Entry Tickets
  • Purchasable via ticketing agents and AMG appearances in certain events/locations
  • ONE (1) Omatsuri Coupon
  • PRICE: RM40 for both days
  • Selling Now!
  • Available for Overseas Attendees
  • Available at Ticketing Counter @ AMG
  • ONE (1) Omatsuri Coupon (if purchased for both days)
  • Price: RM 25 for ONE day / RM 40 for both days
  • Purchaseable on spot only