Finally, a puzzle game worth your time. Exercise your brains and get a prize just for participating! You'll thank us it is not Rubik's Cube!

Challenge the GODLY LEVEL for a chance to WIN an exclusive Kei-chan Nanoblock!
Other prizes include Chameleon marker pens, Break the Code vouchers, Sushi Zanmai vouchers and more.

Limited Edition Kei-chan Nanoblock


  • Goal: Be the fastest person to complete the puzzle. Think speed and accuracy!
  • Two levels to challenge: NORMAL and GODLY (aka HARD).
  • Locate our game booth, signup at the counter and make offering to enter arena. Subsequently, you may register for a timeslot early at our ticketing counter on Day 0 (26th August 2016).
  • Upon registering, you will be given a timestamp ticket as proof of payment. You are required to be at the game booth no later than 10 minutes after your indicated timestamp. Failure to do so will mean you forfeited the game.
  • You need to show the timestamp ticket in order to enter the booth.
  • We will temporarily close the timeslot once it maxes in player numbers. But you may hang around the booth and do walk-ins, in cases of forfeits.
  • Once seated, each participant will be provided a puzzle set and a flag. You do not get to keep them after the game.
  • The gamemaster will signal when the round begins. Raise the flag once you completed the puzzle!
  • You are allowed to cheat. Just make sure not to get caught by our gamemaster!
  • Time cap: 15 minutes or whenever someone completes a puzzle. It is entirely possible to have a round with no winner.
  • If you are holding any heavy or expensive items (i.e., bags, props, or electronic devices), you may store them temporarily at our counter after you signup. However, we are NOT liable for any missing/damages items.
  • Make sure to collect your prize before exiting the arena.
  • You may challenge the game as many times as you like. Bring your rival(s) and use this chance to crush them. *evil laughter*


10:00am 10:30am
11:00am 11:30am
12:00pm 12:30pm
01:00pm 01:30pm
02:00pm 02:30pm
03:00pm 03:30pm
04:00pm 04:30pm
05:00pm 05:30pm


  • Registration fee per game is RM5 for Normal mode and RM10 for Hard mode.
  • Signup by filling in the forms at the game booth.
  • Make sure you have a puzzle set and a flag.
  • Do not touch puzzle until gamemaster signals to do so.
  • Complete the puzzle, then raise the flag.
  • If you are the fastest to complete the puzzle, you win!