AMG returns, for the Year of the Kraken,
Where evil grows, from screams of the forsaken!
The darkness gathers, make no mistake,
From corrupted beasts to monsters that will make you quake!
Heroes unite! A gathering, we must partake!
Before the evil of the Old Ones, awake!


AniManGaki 2016 will be hosting a Hearthstone™ Fireside Gathering and Tournament, an online strategy card game by Blizzard Entertainment™.
Come and fight other Hearthstone players at our event tournament, with a chance to win prizes, gifts and glory!


Hearthstone™ is open to all ages, who want to join in on the fun! We will be providing a platform for Hearthstone players to meetup and play Hearthstone during both event days.

  • Players can either join our AMG Hearthstone Tournament, or battle other players at the Fireside Gathering!
  • Unlock the special Hearthstone "Fireside Friends" card back!
  • Join in on the discussion on the latest decks, cards and expansion!
  • Mingle and find new friends or opponents to be PJSalt with!


AniManGaki Fireside Gathering is held on both days of the event and free to join. Fireside is a platform provided by AniManGaki for all Hearthstone players, to meet new challengers and battle it out with their best decks. There will be WiFi access and facilities to enjoy the fireside gathering with other players too, so don't hold back and gather around the hearth!


How do I start playing Hearthstone?

New players will need to signup and create a account and download the “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” from the (PC) Launcher, or (mobile) from App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android devices.

Should I download / update on site at the event?

It is highly recommended for all players and fireside gathering attendees to pre-download and update to the latest Hearthstone App version before attending our event. Please ensure your devices are not using any other application or downloading when using the WiFi provided. Having more than 50 connecting to our WiFi is very stressful for our limited bandwidth!

Do I have to literally "bring my own chair"?

Of course not, but there's nothing stopping you from doing so! Please use the space that's provided around our Hearthstone booth to prevent any congestion to the event's traffic. There will be limited tables and chairs provided for all attendees, but if we run out of them, you'll have to duel like men, on their feet!

Anything else I should know about?

We'll be recording some footage from the event, so we can tell Blizzard how things went at our Fireside Gathering! Make sure to smile for them! Also, it is highly recommended to bring your own devices (laptop / tablet / phone) should you be participating in the tournament or fireside gathering. Plug points will be provided in limited quantity.


This year, we're hosting a Hearthstone™ Tournament, happening on 27th and 28th of August 2016, with RM2,000 worth of prizes to be won!
The format of the tournament will be separated into 2 stages: Online Qualifiers & Main Event - Top 16.


Registration opens 12.00PM, 15th July 2016


  • Registration is FREE
  • Game Format: Standard
  • All matches are a Best-of-1, with players choosing 1 deck from their 3 submitted decklists
  • Group Stage Format: 2-4 Group Modified Swiss(based on number of applicants)
  • Registration for the Online Qualifiers begins on 15th July, 2016, and closes on 25th July.
  • Once registrations close, the Online Qualifiers will commence, from 30th July till 14th August
  • Players are divided into appropriate number of groups, dependant on the number of applicants
  • Players will play a Modified Swiss Round with those in their respective groups, from only 3 chosen decks
  • Top players from their respective groups will form the Top 16, and advance to the Main Event

MAIN EVENT (TOP 16) - 27 & 28 AUGUST

  • Game Format: Standard
  • Match Format: Conquest
  • Decks: 4 decks, 1 ban
  • Playoffs: Single Elimination
  • Players play a Best of 5, single elimination
  • Each match will be highlighted and played to the open crowd
  • Winner will be crowned at end of the tournament!


Grand Winner

Cash prize of RM500
1x Corsair Gaming Mouse
Goodies Bag

Second Place

Cash prize of RM250
1x Steelseries Gaming Mouse
Goodies bag

Third Place

Cash prize of RM100
1x Steelseries Gaming Mouse
Goodies bag


  • Participation in the AMG Hearthstone™ Tournament is only available via online registration.
  • Please register before the registration deadline; 25th July 2016
  • Online Qualifiers and Main Event players are required to submit their 3 selected deck lists. Decks may be altered upon advancing to the Top 16
  • Players MUST bring their own devices (phone / tablet / laptop) with the latest Hearthstone version to ensure smooth gameplay and tournament proceedings. Recharging stations will be provided but limited in number.
  • Card sets allowed in the tournament are according to the Year of the Kraken (Standard Format).
  • A proof of identification must be presented on the event day and before the tournament match.
  • This tournament registration is only applicable for Americas & South East Asia region Hearthstone players
  • The tournament activities may be recorded or photographed for promotional purposes by AniManGaki staff
  • AniManGaki committee reserves the right to remove or reject any player that fails to follow the procedures and regulations set by the tournament staff.
  • AniManGaki reserves the right to amend the rules from time to time without prior notice at their discretion.


Do I need to pay to enter the tournament?

Registration is free for the Online Qualifiers. However, for the Top 16 who have qualified for the Main Event, as this tournament is held within the AniManGaki event area, an entry ticket will be required. A special Player Pass will be issued for all players who have qualified and will be provided upon payment of RM40 for easy access to this 2 day event. A large portion of the entry fee will be added to the total prize pool. In the event you did not make it through the Online Qualifiers, don't worry! All participants are still eligible to get our special Player Pass, so that everyone may join in on the hearth fun!

What does this Player Pass do?

The tournament pass will allow players to easily access our facilities, get past all obstacles and ensure you’ll be able to avoid the crowd to arrive on time for your matches. The pass will grant you access to our entire event area, Main Hall and Event Grounds, and enjoy the rest of AniManGaki activities for the whole weekend. Plus, it makes a great souvenir, EventKeeper's promise!

How do I know if I am registered for the tournament?

Our staff will verify your registration and inform you via email on further details and information necessary such as decklists and time / venue for your matches. Make sure to check your e-mail (and spam box)!

What cards are allowed in this tournament?

All card sets in the following are allowed in the AniManGaki Hearthstone Tournament in accordance to Standard Format:

  • Basic
  • Classic
  • Blackrock Mountain
  • The Grand Tournament
  • The League of Explorers
  • Whispers of the Old Gods

When and where do I submit my deck / hero lists?

Those who have registered for Online Qualifiers will be contacted via email on further details. A total of 3 decklists must be submitted for both Online Qualifiers and Main Event - Top 16 respectively.
Online Qualifier decks must be submitted before 29th July, with Main Event - Top 16 decklists submitted before 22nd August 2016.

What decks can I use in Online Qualifiers / Top 16?

Decks are open to all 9 classes, with 30 cards in each deck.

Online Qualifiers will require 3 unique decks to be submitted. Players are only allowed to use those 3 decks in their respective groups, but can be reused any number of times.

Main Event - Top 16 will require 4 unique decks to be submitted. Each player may choose to ban 1 hero/deck from the opposing side, then play the remaining 3 decks in a Conquest format

So are you ready for a Brawl? Sign up for Hearthstone Tournament now!

  • Registration deadline - 25th July 2016