27 & 28 August 2016
Conference Rooms 1 - 6, Level CP4

Hobby & Collectibles Community (HCC), a community where passionate collectors share the same love and passion in collecting toys & collectibles.

Every year, HCC aims to achieve an amazing display of collections supported by many other leading hobby community. Collectors banded together are not only given the opportunity to showcase and display their collections & interest, but also a sight to behold to the public.

From the first year till the present state, this community had grown and increased slowly just from a very few amount of people to a big community that we have reached and has become what we are today. With every coming annual year of AniManGaki, we will always strive to improve our figurine display division after each year with better experience.

This year is 8 Bit & Pixel theme, and related community will be the highlights for the hall.

The focus will be on any related bricks and retro collectibles/community which include LEGO, Nano-blocks, Retro 8-Bit club, Mario and friends, Digimon/Pokemon, Pixel/Nintendo Gaming etc...


We are also including a mini competition in our hall. A friendly contest for modelers by Malaysia Moderler's League.

Bringing all art, toys & collectibles together, share the love of this hobby to the community, so do visit and don't miss out on the amazing displays happening in AniManGaki 2016!

Showcase Gallery