As a volunteer run convention (yes, all our hardworking crew members volunteer their spare time to run AniManGaki!), we share a collective passion for putting together wholesome events FOR fans, BY fans. And we are looking for enthusiastic individuals who share our vision and interest in making AniManGaki one of the best convention experiences in Malaysia.

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Volunteers are active during days leading up to or on event days only. Primary responsibilities include performing duties assigned promptly and reliably, accept guidance and decisions by your team leader, be willing to learn and participate in training programs, keeping internal information confidential, be team players and maintaining professionalism at all time.

Crew members are active all year long, with goals for self-development and improvement of AniManGaki. Commitment levels are more demanding as a crew, as responsibilities in general are heavier. Primary responsibilities include those of volunteers plus attending meetings on monthly basis, have regular evaluations of your performance, have good time and task management and upholding the integrity of what AniManGaki stands for.


To be eligible for AniManGaki Volunteer you must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.

  • The chance to work in a unique and fun environment
  • Get to work behind the scenes at one of Malaysia’s largest ACG conventions
  • Make friends and mingle with like-minded people
  • Ability to gain valuable experience and references
  • Complimentary event goodies & treats
  • Volunteering at our events is a good foot-in-the-door towards joining as Crew!
    Please note: Only successful applicants will be contacted.

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