All slots have been taken for AniManGaki Online 2021.

Better luck next time!

If you are reading this, we believe you and/or your friends may be looking to secure a spot at AniManGaki Online 2021 to sell your works. Fret not, you are at the right place and we got you covered. Things are a little bit different this time round, so make sure you read the rules and regulations thoroughly before signing up!


    Rules & Regulations

    Kindly read through the Rules and Regulations.

    Should you have any doubts or difficulties, feel free to message us at [email protected].

    Fill up Registration Form

    Fill up your form thoroughly and accurately to ensure greater success at scoring a booth at our event. Payment information will be sent via email, kindly ensure the email address given is correct.


    Selections will be made on a first come first serve basis. Please ensure all information in your registration form are filled up correctly to avoid being disqualified.


    Email containing payment details will be sent to selected applicants. Kindly process payment by 30th June 2021.


    Upon payment confirmation, kindly await an email instruction for the marketplace set-up from AMG. The set-up will include instructions and template files as guidelines. Provide the requested information or files via the Google Drive link (to be provided later). Meanwhile, you are encouraged to prepare the type of items, quantity, and item descriptions you wish to sell at the event.  

    What Comes Next?


    Once we have uploaded your items into our website, our team will notify you. Please check through thoroughly and confirm with our team that things are orderly and correct by 3rd August 2021.


    After the event, AMG will send individual sales reports to each seller. Prepare the items based on what you have sold. Make sure to package each item as per their unique SKUs.


    You may opt to mail the items to AMG or drop off at a specific location (to be informed later). Our team will send you a notification indicating that you have dropped off your items.


    Once we received all items from sellers, our team will get their hands busy and package all customers’ orders. This process may take up to two weeks, dependent on the number of orders.


    After all orders have been fulfilled, we will process and deposit your sales revenue (post commission).  

    TL;DR Timeline

    Important Dates to Remember Date
    Last day to sign up for booth 20th June 2021
    Last day to Make Payment 30th June 2021
    Last Day to Upload Items 11th July 2021
    Last Day to Check for Errors on Shop 3rd August 2021
    Receive Sales Report 25th August 2021
    Last Day to Package and Send Orders to AMG 3rd September 2021
    Order Fulfilment 4th-19th September 2021
    Receive Payment for Sales Late September 2021


    AniManGaki reserves the right to change the Rules and Regulations without prior notice.

    • AniManGaki and its partners are not liable for any sales, items or emotional loss occurred during the event. Please take care of your belongings
    • AniManGaki is not responsible for items sold by another artist or cosplayer. However, if they are, say; selling your art or doing any copyright infringement, kindly report to us and we will take the necessary action.
    • Artists and cosplayers shall at all time protect, identify, and keep AniManGaki harmless against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense.
    • Owners must refrain from actions or omissions that put them or anyone nearby in danger or other damage of any kind or give rise to situations that may cause similar results.
    • Lastly, have fun at AMG Online 2021.


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