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Think you know your anime? Challenge yourself in TWO of our live Anime Quiz Game Show, where we test your otaku level with a series of trivia, clips, audios, and videos. Tune in, prove yourself to be the Ultimate Otaku, and win from a prize pool of RM1,000!

Top 20 Otakus x RM50 Prize worth each



Please read the Rules & Regulations stated below. Should you have further questions or concerns, feel free to message us at [email protected].

TUNE IN TO either of two ANIME QUIZ shows

Make sure you are watching the AniManGaki Online livestream because the questions will be flashing on the screen. 

First Session: 7th August @ 6.30pm
Second Session: 14th August @ 6.30pm


Open the relevant Jotform below as you watch the anime quiz. The form opens in August. Play along and fill in your answers as you watch the stream.

First Session: Ended
Second Session:


The top 20 participants who answered the most questions correctly, wins a prize! Winners will be announced after AniManGaki Online on our social media channels. Winners will receive an email from AniManGaki for reward arrangement within a week after AniManGaki Online 2021.



  • This activity is open to all Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike. However, only participants that are residents and living in Malaysia will receive the reward. For those under the age of 18, please seek parental/guardian consent before participating. 
  • This activity is designed to be fun. Test your knowledge with friends and family, and who knows, you might win!
  • Make sure to submit your Jotform by the end of each respective anime quiz sessions to be counted.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed. Only one submission per participant will be accepted.
  • AniManGaki reserves the rights to reject entries that violate any of the rules mentioned above.
  • AniManGaki’s decisions are final on all matters relating to the activity.
  • By participating in this activity, you hereby agree that AniManGaki may collect and process your personal data provided in the form for the purpose of receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing mails or materials from AniManGaki and its partners.
  • By participating in this activity, each participant accepts the conditions stated in the rules and agrees to be bound by the decisions of AniManGaki.
  • For any questions or clarifications, email us at [email protected].

How about a warmup session? Here’s our Anime Quiz last year, can you guess them all correctly?

Answer Sheet

  1. Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Slayers There exist many Breath techniques under the Demon Slayers. Excluding the Sun & Moon Breath, what are the 5 original main branches of Breath?
    Answer: Water, Flame, Thunder, Stone, Wind
  2. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood In Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, who is the first character to die in the story? (Not including Edward and Alphonse’s Mom)
    Answer: Nina Tucker & Alexander a.k.a Dog-Girl. Episode 4
  3. Honzuki no Gekokujou Shisho ni naru tame ni wa shudan wo erandeiraremasen (Ascendance of the Bookworm) In Ascendance of the Bookworm, Myne’s only wish is to be surrounded by books. What is the first material did she used to make a book?
    Answer: Clay. Using the red soil near the river, Myne attempted to make a clay tablet with engraved writings of the first story her mother told her.
  4. SAO: GGO Alternative In SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online. The main character, LLEN has a primary weapon the HK P90. What is the nickname she gave her gun?
    Answer: P-Chan
  5. Date A Live In Date A Live, each girls the main character date are Spirits. Each spirit has an Angel which serves as their weapon and armour. What are the Angels name based off?
    Answer: Sephiroth Tree. The names of the angels are based off after the names in the Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in the Jewish culture. Coincidentally the girls/spirits names consist a numerical kanji that also corresponds with their Angel’s position in the Tree.
  6. Darling in the Franxx In Darling in the Franxx, what was the reason why the kids were able to operate the Franxx (mecha)? Answer: Active Reproduction Organs. Humans were so advanced in the future that they found a way to stop aging but as a result, their reproduction organs ceased to work.
  7. The Promised Neverland In ‘The Promised Neverland’. What was the purpose of the children raised in Grace Field house in such good conditions?
    Answer: Luxury Food. Grace Field house children are raised as if they were A5 cattles. Smart healthy children make high quality meat for the demons.
  8. Answer: Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
  9. Answer: Beastars
  10. Answer: Violet Evergarden
  11. Answer: Fate Series
  12. Answer: Inuyasha
  13. Answer: Nisekoi
  14. Answer: Shakugan no Shana
  15. Answer: Shokugeki no Souma
  16. Answer: Golden Kamuy
  17. Answer: Stein’s Gate
  18. Answer: Persona 4
  19. Answer: Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
  20. Answer: One Punch Man
  21. Answer: Magi
  22. Answer: Levius
  23. Answer: Death March
  24. Answer: Trinity Seven
  25. Answer: Golden Time
  26. Answer: Ancient Magus Bride
  27. Answer: Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory
  28. Answer: Grand Blue
  29. Yoodoo Where and when can you change your mobile data package with Yoodo?
    Answer: Anywhere, Any time
  30. Yoodoo What colour was Sophia’s sweater at the start of the commercial?
    Answer: Pink

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