Touhou NightSKY

The night is young and the after party is just starting! Don’t miss the chance to watch Yuuhei Satellite live as they make their debut in the very first Touhou Night SKY concert!

Visit the Touhou NightSKY page for more info.

Touhou Luna Nights Tournament

Time is of the essence in this tournament. Guide Sakuya Izayoi and blitz through Gensokyo residents in boss rush mode as quickly as possible. Come on by and showcase your time stopping skills and stand a chance to bring home some amazing prizes!

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Danmaku Tournament

Touhou Danmaku makes its entrance once more at AniManGaki! This year, the tournament is set to focus on the latest danmaku entries from the main Touhou series. Register now and stand a chance to win some amazing prizes from Alcatroz Malaysia!

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Hisoutensoku Tournament

Hisoutensoku is back in AniManGaki! Face your foes and outwit your opponents and stand a chance to walk back home with some cool Alcatroz prizes!

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Game Showcase & Danmaku Challenges

Touhou has plenty of variety when it comes to its library of games. Watch and try out a plethora of Touhou games in our freeplay area, including Touhou 17 and Touhou Luna Nights. There’s also danmaku challenges to be had throughout the event, so come on by and win yourself some Touhou merchandise!

Cosplay Lucky Draw & Quizzes

Throughout the event, we will be giving away Touhou prizes through our Touhou quizzes and Cosplay Lucky Draws. There’s something for everyone at all times, so come on by as a resident of Gensokyo and join in the fun!

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