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Hosted by a group of ACG fans, PLUS Meido and Idol Cultural is a program that is seeks to promote, bridge understanding and appreciation of Meido and Idol culture by inviting overseas Meido and Idol experts to Malaysian ACG events.

TUKUYOMI (月讀女僕咖啡) is the most well-known Maid Themed Cafe in Taiwan since 2005.
Besides having three other branches in Taiwan, their main branch is located at Jianguo Road, Kaohsiung City.
They are also actively promoting Meido Culture at several international events, such as Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

This year, TUKUYOMI will be collaborating with PLUS for AniManGaki 2019!  

Meido in Action




TUKUYOMI’s CEO, has 15 years of experience in cosplay and stage performance. Hinako is active in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and has performed up to 300 stages. Related to her passion for performing, she has choreography works in K.R.T. Girls, Vocaloid and Taiwan Idol song. She has also taken on positions such as cosplay competition judge, fan-made music & dance instructor, anime song dance cover instructor. As a maid cafe ambassador, she has participated in multiple events.

Please give Hinako and her team a warm welcome as this will be their first time visiting Malaysia!





TUKUYOMI Performer Group

As Taiwan’s longest-operating maid cafe, TUKUYOMI (月讀女僕咖啡) has been actively promoting ACG activities and cultivating talents on-stage performance. They participate in various events and aim to meet people from local and abroad. As performers, they encourage the development of original music to share with fans. Whenever they are on stage, they are passionate and sincere towards their audience.

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Official Website
TUKUYOMI Main Branch
TUKUYOMI 2nd Branch
TUKUYOMI Keelung Branch

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