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P.L.A.Y EXHIBITION aims to celebrate local Malaysian talents that gained recognition local & internationally. Witness artworks from Malaysian talents approaching artistic interpretation of pop culture influences and present them with their unique art style.


Lefty Julian, a graphic novelist who has been in the industry for more than 25 years and the creator of indie comics Major Zombie and Jimi Germ.
Lip Wei, a comic artist and illustrator from Penang. His main works include Unexplained Files comic series under Kadokawa Gempak Starz’s X-Venture series and Penang CAT mascot MENANG.

Sheldon is an accomplished comic book and storyboard artist with experience drawing comic books for GI Joe licensees in the United States and independent comic book publishers in the United Kingdom and the USA. He has done work for Zenescope Entertainment Inc., a leading independent comic book publisher in the US. Outside of comics, Sheldon has also created storyboards for animated TV series and movie development and for various TV commercials.Sheldon has also conducted traditional and digital art and comic book art classes and workshops for both kids and adults.  

RedCode is a full time illustrator and cartoonist. He is known for his comics such as <Jejak Neraka>, <21st Centories> under the pen-name Cicak. He is currently writing for X-venture and Dinosaur Explorers published by Kadokaw Gempak Starz. His art is known for his dynamic actions and intrinsic details.

Kael Ngu is internationally recognized for his diverse art style with inks,  copics and digital paintings. He had worked with DC Comics, IDW Publishing and Rebellion Publishing. He is currently working on his next graphic novel with a huge publishing house. His original artworks are sought after by professional and private collectors worldwide.

 Zehe is a Terengganu based fulltime freelance artist. He has experience in animation industry as an animator, storyboard artist and concept artist for local and international productions. He curently focusing on illustrations and comic commissions for international collectors. 

Hoi Mun is a seasoned freelance concept artist with more than 10 years experience in the video gaming industry. He had worked on a few game titles with international studios.

Santa Fung was born a Sabahan. He started his career in an advertisement firm and magazine publisher as a illustrator and graphic designer. He then furthered his study at Japan and thus forming his art style foundation. He joined Gempak Starz in 2011 and to-date released 9 volumes of comics. Between 2013 and 2016, he had produced approximately 50 covers. He continue making a living illustrating mostly for international clients. 

AdiFitri is the creator of ‘Taubat Si Tanggang’, for which he won his second award in Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) Malaysia. A selection of his work can be viewed at adidraws.tumblr.com

Rachel Kong is an animator and illustrator from Malaysia. Her passion lies in video games and hope to one day ship her own. She enjoys creating eccentric art of the dark and the occult in her free time. Her clientele includes PolygonPictures, Volta Studio, Paizo Publishing and Riot Games.

Tricia Wee is a concept artist and illustrator from Malaysia with a love for comics, manga and animation. Having experienced both the animation and games industry, her list of clientele include Bandai Namco Studios, The Pokemon Company, Kinetiquettes and Volta Studio.  In her spare time she enjoys drawing cute and sensual ladies as her main subject, often paying tribute to female characters in movies, games and pop culture.

Norman Noh or better known for his pen-name Juice is the creator of the Caramel Theater and New Journey To The West seires. He had worked as illustrator and comic creator for various local publishers in the past. He is currently working as a freelancer, roaming about at Semporna, drawing whatever he wishes to.  

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