AniManGaki 2019: Cosplay PvP

All eyes on the center of the ring now! Let your cosplay talent shine and show us what you can do on the AniManGaki 2019 stage. The winning team of the AniManGaki 2019 Cosplay PvP will also qualify for Comic Fiesta’s exclusive invite-only Cosplay Invitational 2019. #PvP



Shinku began her cosplay journey while still pursuing her studies in chemical engineering. Her first cosplay competition was way back in 2009. With 10 years of cosplay experience under her belt, Shinku is exceptionally skilled in crafting highly detailed weapons by utilising affordable, easily accessible or unconventional materials. Her tremendous patience and significant efforts poured into replicating character details, combined with her exquisite physical features, allowed her to create breathtaking yet high-quality cosplay performances. Shinku represented Malaysia at Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in Netherlands (2017) and World Cosplay Summit in Japan (2018) as Team Valkyrie


Cosplay is fun, creative, and expressive, and it only gets better once a cute couple is thrown into the mix! Kenjimura and Bibi are one of the most prominent cosplay couples in the local cosplay community. Kenjimura started cosplaying in 2011 while Bibi started 1 year later. Hailing from Ipoh, Team KumaBear were frequently invited to handle cosplay related workshops and panels in various events within Malaysia. Possessing almost a decade long of cosplay experience under their belts, Team KumaBear have earned plenty of competitive awards in various small and large scale events, including emerging as the champion of Cosplay Wonderland Ipoh (2016), Comic Fiesta Mini Penang (2016 & 2017), GamePlan GAX (2017) and Comic Fiesta Cosplay Invitational (2017).


Rikka started cosplaying in 2011 and actively participated in various cosplay competitions as well as actively gaming in League of Legends. A cosplayer and crafter with a passion for anime, comics and games, she enjoys bringing cosplay characters to life, emphasizing on originality and being as close to the character as possible despite her small stature. Her realistic photoshoots and achievements in the local & international cosplay competition scene have led to her being invited locally and internationally as a guest judge in events such as Comic Fiesta (2017) and CLAS:H Medan Indonesia (2017). Her passion has also earned her many opportunities in the commercial industry, working with reputable brands such as Riot League of Legends, Nippon Paint and Skechers. Named as one of the top 10 Harley Quinn Cosplayers on CureCosplay, Rikka has published 5 photobooks to date and is currently the official brand ambassador of Wonderfly (2019).

Competition Prizes

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  • This competition is open only to Malaysians.
  • Entries must consist of minimum 2, maximum 3 cosplayerparticipants and up to 2 helpers2.
  • Participants entering the competition will go through the following process:
    • Registration
    • Stage performance
  • The performance theme for this year’s Cosplay PvP is Circus Acts. Skits must include simple elements from a circus act that must be shown via a visual projection by the characters or the performance (e.g. magic trick, acrobats, costume change, clowns and comedy etc.). Cosplaying a character originating from a series relating to circus alone is not sufficient to qualify as possessing the stated performance theme.
  • By entering the competition, participants have consented by default that: AniManGaki is not responsible for any damages to participants’ costumes or props during performance.
    • AniManGaki is not responsible for participants’ physical damage or injury during performance. First-aid will be provided when necessary.
    • AniManGaki is not responsible for any property or emotional losses during participants’ performance.
    • Participants are held responsible for any damages to stage equipment caused during performance.
    • AniManGaki reserves the right to use participants’ images and performance recordings for promotional purposes.
    • AniManGaki reserves the rights to alter the rules or structure of the competition as we see fit.
    • AniManGaki reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed unsuitable for the competition, and judges’ decisions are final. Have fun!
  • 1 Participants must cosplay as an official character from an officially released anime, manga or game. No original characters or fan-made characters. No mix of characters from different sources.
  • 2 Helpers must not be the center of the performance. Helpers are only meant to assist in the performance of cosplayer participants. For example:
    • Set up props before the performance
    • As a prop themselves
    • As a background extra
    • As a ‘Mook
    • Clean up props after the performance

Competition Registration

  • Please complete the registration form with required details. Should you encounter any submission difficulty, please email us at [email protected].
  • Registration officially ends on 12/08/2019 at 11.59PM (GMT+8) or when all 8* slots are taken, whichever earlier. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. *Subject to change
  • Every submission is final; please ensure all details provided are complete & accurate. Incomplete & inaccurate submissions will be disqualified.
  • An acknowledgement email will be sent to you within 1 week of registration submission, confirming your participation in the competition.


  • Participants are given up to 6 minutes of performance time, inclusive of up to 2 minutes for setup and up to 1 minute for cleanup.
  • Note that the maximum number of stage props is 4. 
  • As AniManGaki is a family friendly event, no explicit or NSFW behaviors are allowed during performances. Please keep the swearing to a minimum as well.
  • Should you require the usage of audio and videofiles for your performance, please email us the files latest on/before 20/08/2019 to [email protected] under the subject title “AMG Cosplay PvP – Team Name”.
  • Space allocated for the performance is a maximum of 4m x 6m4.
  • 3 All videos should be prepared at 1080p of 16:9 aspect ratio in .mp4 format.

    4 This is an approximate. Stage measures at approximately 6m x 12m, height is approximately 3.2m.


  • Make sure your props are sturdy enough for your performance to avoid damaging any stage equipment or harming the audience.
  • As AniManGaki is a family friendly event, the following is not allowed:
    • Explicit clothing
    • Sharp or metal props
    • Illegal apparels as stated by the Malaysia Law
    • Illegal weapons as stated by the Malaysian Firearms Law
    • Live or loaded projectile weaponry, including any types of gun
  • Liquids, powder, explosive, corrosive, radioactive, abrasive, confetti, glitter, bubbles, fire or any other fragmented prop which are difficult to clean upon performance are not allowed.
  • Limited number of chairs and tables as well as microphones will only be provided upon request by emailing to [email protected]under the subject title “AMG Cosplay PvP – Team Name” on/before 20/08/2019.

Judging Criteria

Costume accuracy & craftsmanship 服裝道具 30%
Character portrayal 角色還原度 20%
Creative scripting 腳本創意 20%
Skit execution 腳本執行 20%
Entertainment value 演出效果 10%
TOTAL 100%


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