AniManGaki Idol 2019: 1v1

Singers, the start to your million dreams begins here, right now! Celebrating its 11th year in existence, it is the oldest and most well sought after of its kind in Malaysia ACG events. Show off your singing skills and compete in front of a judge panel and live audiences. If you need more reason to try out, our stage has jumpstarted the career of many local ACG singers!

Expect overpouring talent and crazy energy on our stage as contestants climb their way to the top in a 1 versus 1 challenge! #1v1



    Hailing all the way from Kuching, Sarawak, K3N is the frontman and vocalist of the award-winning alternative and rock band Mystical Mirage. Known for his energetic, husky and powerful voice as well as Chester Bennington-like screamo, K3N powers up the band to win several accolades in their repertoire such as Voice International Music Awards (VIMA) Malaysia, Battle of the Bands, Passport to Fame, etc. Associated to Warner Chappell Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and MACP, K3N together with band members Jimmy, Aaron AC, Daniel Subah and Jared Ng, are set to take the world and let everyone hear the sound that is truly Mystical Mirage.

    FAZZ & 雷神RAIJIN 

    LYNN is an accomplished vocalist – previously part of Koir Kebangsaan Malaysia, she is currently the lead singer of Fazz, 7-piece exuberant piece of band; the frontman of RAIJIN, a J-Rock/Pop cover band; and part of vocal groups such as Harmonize and The Voices in Your Head. With RFBxProject and RAIJIN, LYNN has been actively performing in the local ACG scene, opening to J-Rock bands such as [ALEXANDROS], FLOW and fhána. Also an active performer of the music theater scene in Kuala Lumpur, LYNN is a frequent traveler to cities such as Perth, Xiamen, Bali, Tokyo and Seoul for various performance setups.


    Tan Zie Aun joined the choir back in secondary school because “all his friends were there”, and has been addicted to performing on stage ever since. Currently a Bass 2 in the Young KL Singers, Zie Aun has not only performed in 8 productions with the group, he has also lent his voice to several other choirs in international competitions. Zie Aun regularly competed in AniManGaki Idol since 2011, his crowning achievement being winning the Battle Royale edition in 2018. He once led an Anisong accapella group called Perogumi back in 2013-2014, and was also part of the RFBxProject act in Star Supa Comic 2019.

    Competition Prizes


    • Singing is the minimum required act for this competition. Only solo act is allowed.
    • Duets, groups and bands are not qualified for this competition.
    • No participant can join more than one entry in this competition.
    • All players of AniManGaki Idol X : Battle Royale are not eligible to join this year’s competition.
    • Songs chosen & submitted must be in Japanese language.
    • Participants will go through 2 rounds of elimination process:
    • Competition Registration (until 27/07/2019)

      Judges’ Pick (10/08/2019)

      AniManGaki Idol 2019 : 1v1 (31/08/2019)

    Competition Registration

    • To register, please fill out the registration form with complete details & attach a recording of your singing in the form of video You are strongly encouraged to submit high quality recording files to ensure best representation of your singing. Should you encounter any submission difficulty, please email us at [email protected].
    • The recording of your singing must be with a karaoke/instrumental accompaniment and should not exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds. You are encouraged to trim the song to enable optimal expression of your vocal talent (i.e. edit out long intro).
    • Lip sync and vocal effects are not allowed in your recording – we definitely prefer to hear your raw vocal sound!
    • Registration officially ends on 27/07/2019 at 11.59PM (GMT+8). Should you need to make any changes, please RESUBMIT a new form and recording file before the deadline! The latest entry will automatically replace any previous entry. Post-deadline (re)submissions will not be entertained.
    • Accepted submissions will go through online screening. Only participants that are selected for the next round will be contacted via email on/before 03/08/2019. Remember to check your inbox for more information and further instructions!
    • AniManGaki reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed unsuitable for the competition and Judges’ decisions are final. Have fun!


    • Participants who made it into this round will be informed of the arrangement via email.
    • In this round, participants are allowed to perform the song you have submitted for competition registration.
    • Reading or singing from a script or printed lyrics is discouraged. Participants are expected to memorise the lyrics beforehand.
    • Only 10 finalists will advance to AniManGaki Idol 2019 : 1v1. All finalists will be contacted via email on/before 12/08/2019 and announced via our Facebook page.

    Judging Criteria

    Vocal ability 40%
    Charisma 30%
    Originality 20%
    Crowd engagement 10%
    TOTAL 100%



    Why is there a need for online screening?

    As this competition is considered to be an annual favourite, the number of entries received increases year by year. In order to cater for this demand, we decided to utilise online screening as a means to select the cream of the crop.

    Is this competition restricted to Malaysia citizens only?

    No. Since 2016, this competition opens to all regardless of nationality – we welcome registrations and entries from participants within and outside Malaysia. However, there's something you'll need to take note!

    What should I take note of if I am entering this competition?

    Should you be selected as one of the Top 10 finalists, you are required to take part in the soundcheck sessions (if any), i.e. you need to be physically present in Malaysia during that period of time. Of course, you are required to attend AniManGaki 2019 for the final play-off.

    Are my expenses borne by AniManGaki if I am selected to advance?

    AniManGaki is not responsible to bear any expenses you incurred to enter this competition. However, you may contact us at [email protected] should you require any assistance with regards to this matter.

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