Meet & Greet Special Guests


  • Pick a time:
    – Session #1: 21st Aug @ 1pm (15 slots only)
    – Session #2: 22nd Aug @ 1pm (15 slots only)
  • Ticket includes a 3-min Meet & Greet session with BABYBEARD, photo op, digital autograph. 

  • Price: RM100 per ticket

Drumstick – 桿子

  • Session Time: 21st Aug @ 3pm (20 slots only)
  • Ticket includes a 3-min Meet & Greet session with Drumstick and 3 copies of his photos.
  • Price: RM80 per ticket


  • Pick a Re:TurN-Circus- member to meet:
    – Meet Neko: 21st Aug @ 3pm (20 slots only)
    – Meet Dede: 21st Aug @ 3pm (20 slots only)
  • Ticket includes a 3-min Meet & Greet session with either talents and 3 copies of their photos.
  • Price: RM80 per ticket

暖爐 -Stove-

  • Session Time: 21st Aug @ 3pm (20 slots only)
  • Ticket includes a 3-min Meet & Greet session with -Stove- and 3 copies of her photos.
  • Price: RM80 per ticket

TUKUYOMI Maid Cafe 月讀女僕咖啡

  • Session Time: 21st Aug @ 2pm – 5pm
  • Choose an option:
    – Video Chat with Meido (ENG)
    – Video Chat with Meido (CHI)
    – Voice Chat with Meido (ENG)
    – Voice Chat with Meido (CHI)
    – 4 Copies of TUKUYOMI Meido Photos ONLY (Group Photo of Each Branch)
  • Ticket includes a 5-min Meet & Greet session with TUKUYOMI Meidos only, except for the Photo Only package. 
  • Price:
    – RM75 for Video Chat
    – RM45 for Voice Chat
    – RM40 for Photos only

Event Guests Meet & Greet Rules

General Info

  • To participate in this activity, you must purchase the Meet & Greet ticket sold exclusively via the official AniManGaki website only. To purchase the ticket(s), click on the respective buttons above.
  • This activity will be held using Discord as the platform. Please ensure that you have registered for a Discord account prior to the Meet & Greet sessions. You may do so for free here:
  • The featured event guests for the AniManGaki Online 2021 Meet & Greet are:
    – 桿子Drumstick
    – Re:TurN-Circus
    – 暖爐 Stove
    – TUKUYOMI Maid Cafe
  • Participants may purchase slots of various event guests but is limited to one slot per event guests only. Selected Meet & Greet tickets will come with event guest merchandise or perks as part of the package. Please read the description carefully before proceeding with purchase.
  • Meet & Greet ticket prices are not inclusive of shipping fee for those talents with physical merchandises. Change of prices will be reflected at checkout.  
  • Meet & Greet slots may be limited for selected event guests and will be sold on first come first served basis. Slots sold are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Upon purchase, a receipt will be sent to you via email ensuring your slot. You would then receive a follow-up email from AniManGaki by 20th August 2021 with further instructions. Kindly respond to email by confirming your Discord ID to allow yourself access into the private channel where the Meet & Greet will take place at the specified time.
  • Please arrive at least 10 mins before the Meet & Greet schedule to be on standby. There will not be any replacement of slots should you arrive too late.
  • Once you are in the channel, please await your turn to be invited into the room where you will meet your selected event guest(s). When you are in the room, you must turn on your webcam.
  • It is important that fans maintain their best behaviour(s) throughout the session(s). Upon AniManGaki’s decision, any unruly and untoward incident that may translate as rude to our event guests would result an early termination of the session(s) without any refund.
  • Kindly be aware that the following behaviours are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes but not limited to:
    • Screen capturing or recording of any kind (photo or video)
    • Cussing or vulgar language and signs. This includes lewd, religious and political discussions or gestures.
    • Requesting fan-sign
    • Forceful requests for event guests to comply. If our event guests decline to fulfil your request, please respect their decision.
    • Asking private contact information
    • By breaking any of the mentioned rules above, AniManGaki reserves the right to refuse a Meet & Greet session without any refund. In more severe cases, the fan may be blacklisted from further Meet & Greet activities of future AniManGaki projects.
  • AniManGaki reserves the right to change the above guidelines without prior notice.

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