Introducing the stage performers roster for this year’s
AniManGaki 2023!


Introducing the stage performers roster for this year’s
AniManGaki 2023!

Amelia Khor

Amelia Khor is a one leg kick talented cosplayer who can do it all! She is also a game streamer and covers anisongs on Youtube! Catch her energetic live performance with her band this upcoming AniManGaki 2023!

Bin Yun

Bin Yun was the Runner-up for last year’s AMG Idol 2022 and has also represented Malaysia in the World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2015. She has made a TV appearance on 8TV “I Can See Your Voice Malaysia Season 2” and has served as a judge for the AniManGaki Idol 2023 Online Screening and Top 25 Preliminaries.


Brightburn; local J-Rock band hailing from Subang Jaya consists of 6 comrades: Afir, Droo, Kieran, Daniel, Jerry and Eli! Known for their energetic performances on stage, Brightburn has been rocking the stages all around the ACG and JRock scene! For AMG this year, the BB bois promise to make sure you dance, jump and shout to their covers and at the same time, light up your kokoro to their originals! What is in store for their performance this year’s AMG? Well, come on over and together we rock the stage out!

Boiled Curry x Kanalyss


BoiledCurry is a multi-talented personality from Singapore being not only a cosplayer but also a vocalist with more than a decade of being in the Anime, Comics and Games community.
She showcases her singing prowess by uploading anisong covers to her YouTube Channel and TikTok. Recently, BoiledCurry gained significant popularity on TikTok with her acapella cover of “Idol” by YOASOBI, from the hit-anime Oshi no Ko.


Kanalyss is a talented cosplayer based in the US and originally from Thailand. She is very excited as this is her first time cosplaying in Malaysia.
As a cosplayer and photographer, Kanalyss enjoys portraying characters accurately to the best of her ability.
Her favorite recent anime is Oshi no Ko, which she will be performing songs from today. She’s a bit shy, but she will do her best. Please enjoy her show!

DJ Haru

Hi I’m Haru, I used to be a full-time club DJ for 3 years! I’m also a Cosplayer based in Singapore! Looking forward to meeting all of you. 🥳


With a mission to spread Japanese culture to the world through sword dances and sword fighting performance, Hikari has performed on numerous stages around the world. Hikari is going to perform sword dance with Japanese traditional music and popular anime songs on the stage.


With a passion for live-streaming, singing, and voice acting, MyHolo TV’s virtual talents Karrot Keromi, Liola Lightbringer, and Lunaris Urufi are no strangers to performing a variety of content. This time, the trio will be on stage to put the audience’s anime knowledge to test with a series of trivia questions! From popular anime songs to famous anime quotes, the audience can participate by guessing the performances correctly in order to win exclusive MyHolo TV merch.

Lunaris Urufi

Karrot Keromi

Liola Lightbringer


What is an idol? Is it Someone who dances, sings, and perfectly captures the spotlight on stage. Up Next 5 girls of the uprising, ACG Idol Group NYMPHIE is here to give y’all an exciting show! Led by the charismatic Ayuyu, merging their talents to transport audiences into captivating worlds. Ellemonade, the ingenious producer, weaves melodies that stir souls. Enchanting with her mesmerizing voice, Rina Tan lends harmonies as their main vocalist. JEI Suzukii commands the spotlight as the lead vocalist, captivating hearts with each note. Finally, the nimble Chaerin sets the stage ablaze with her extraordinary dance moves. Together, they unite as a remarkable cosplay ensemble, enthralling with enchanting performances.

As “Nymphie” takes center stage, To All Symphonies? Are you ready? Let me hear your voices for NYMPHIE!





Project Coser

Project Coser has been performing for AniManGaki since 2015, and has brought to the stage some of the most memorable Niconico, J-pop, and Vocaloid songs to life. This year, we wanted to provide a series of performances based on a few classics that we have always wanted to show you guys, so please enjoy!

Project Meido

🌸 Spreading the KAWAII VIBE with 血小板メイド (Platelets Meido) ✨, from the theme of 《Cells at Work》(はたらく細胞) ʚ(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )ɞ

💕 Project: Meido will be having a performance on stage and their talented maids are ready to dazzle you with their MOE performance, providing a delightful opportunity to be charmed and greeted with overflowing enthusiasm! 💖

🎁 Plus, there’s an exciting feature during the performance where you might be the lucky one to receive fabulous giveaways from Project: Meido! Don’t miss out on their AniManGaki journey, where amazing hospitality services await you. 😘

🌸 Project: Meido awaits their beloved Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama in the 2nd Floor VIP room! 🌟 Click the link below to secure priority seating and meet our talented, heartwarming, and KAWAII Meido, indulging in their professional hospitality services. 🥰

🎀 Grab your Yusen Pass: RM 65.00 per pax 💕
(Online Pre-Order only)
Fast Entry: 🏃‍♀

  • 60 Minutes Dine-In 🍽
  • 01 x Waffu 🥞
  • 01 x Green Tea 🍵
  • 01 x A4 Group Photo 📸
  • 01 x FOC Spoon Feed Voucher 🥄

  • 🗓 Save the date, share this extraordinary experience, and invite your friends to savor this special Anime-themed Maid Cafe Culture at AniManGaki 2023.

    💗 Stay tuned and don’t miss your chance to meet the Meido and be served with their irresistible charm. 💗 For more information, visit their website:

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    Project Kavvaii

    Project Kavvaii is a platform to showcase talents and empower the growing virtual idol and VTuber community across Southeast Asia. Meet our Lunetide generation, Airi Gwynevere, a 1000-year old witch with an untold amount of power & Mikazuki Mai, a young witch hunter who is now a Vtuber with a gacha and ikemen obsession!

    Project Kavvaii

    Mikazuki Mai

    Airi Gwynevere

    Rina-Hime Band

    Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Rina-Hime is heavily influenced by the Japanese tune of Pop-Rock. Her debut single, “All Over Again『もう一度』” qualified for the finals of Anugerah Lagu Indie 2021 (TOP12). Rina-Hime has been performing since 2015, singing songs ranging from Pop to Rock, Acoustic to Metal, she’s now renowned with her “Malay to Japan cover” after her Japanese rendition of “Kotak Hati” (originally performed by Hujan) managed to catch thousands of social media user attention. Catch her live band performance that has a mixture of Anisong/J-Pop covers along with her original songs!


    Ryukku-K is a multi-talented cosplayer, artist, and stage performer known for accurately portraying characters from idol-themed anime. With a passion for connecting with like-minded individuals, Ryukku aims to touch the hearts of many through her cosplays and stage performances. She has captivated audiences with her solo performances at renowned events such as Road to AniManGaKi: Johor, Nijigen Expo, TAGCC, and Akiba Street. Additionally, she has also participated with her dance group, 02 PRO, in events like AniManGaki, AMG-Chan, and Cosmart. Ryukku is also a proud owner of her beloved fancy rat family, Big Boy & Co., adored by her fans. At AniManGaki 2023, Ryukku will be delivering an exhilarating performance featuring songs from Uma Musume Pretty Derby, marking the first time she brings this captivating experience to the AniManGaki stage.

    Taka Kazuki

    A grand comeback since AMG 2022, Taka Kazuki is back with an interstellar performance that will bring us all out of this world! As one of the first gen 0 talent members of Stellar under the agency of Project Orbit, get ready to blast off into space alongside billions of stars and dreams of your lifetime!

    The Crestfall

    The CrestFall is well-known in the Malaysian ACG scene having been around for 11 years and releasing their own Full album “dixième” in 2022, EP album “DENY” in 2019 and Single, ALTER x EGO in 2018. They strive to ignite the love for Japanese music and will be rocking the stage for the 9th time; they will be our opening act before JKT48 concert on Day 1 of AniManGaki 2023.

    Tigers Federation x Saki-chan

    You might have seen them below the stage before, so get ready now to see them up on stage! Introducing Malaysia’s Elite Wotagei Dance group: 虎連合会 Tigers Federation! And that is not all, they are collaborating with an idol talent: Saki-chan! Together, Tigers Federation X Saki-chan will bring out the lights at AniManGaki!

    Tigers Federation


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