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Okaerinasaimase Goshujinsama, Ojousama!

🚧Anone Café🚨 is Project:Meido’s 13th pop-up event with many kawaii meidos eagerly waiting to welcome goshujinsama and ojousama!
Join us as you transform into 一般细胞 (General Cells) and delve into the world of the human body🧪🧬Within the body, the meidos as 血小板 (Platelets) will be ready to serve you with their warm and charming hospitality 🧫🔬

About Anone Café

Operating Hours:

Theme: Parody of Cell at Works (x11 platelets + x2 leader)
Venue: AniManGaki 2023 – Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre
Date: 25 – 27 August 2023
Café Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Event Flow

Price – Event Packages

Yusen PassWalk-In Pass (with Waffu)Time Extension Pass
RM 65
Online Pre-Order Only
RM 45
RM 30
only available inside
Fast EntryNormal EntryTime Extension only
60-Minute Dine-In60-Minute Dine-In30-Minute Dine-In
x1 Green Teax1 Green Teax1 Green Tea
x1 Waffux1 Waffu-
x1 A4 Group Photo--
x1 FOC Spoonfeed voucher--
  • Yusen Pass holders have priority entry to the café at a ratio of (12 : 4) 12 Yusen Pass holders to 4 Walk-In Pass holders
  • Not able to obtain an Yusen Pass?
  • You can still meet our kawaii 血小板 (Platelets) on the day of the event via walk-in.

Food & Beverage (À la Carte)

Waffu (Belgium Liège Waffle)
- Maple & Butter with original Waffu
- Takoyaki sauce, Mayonnaise & Katsuo Boshi with original Waffu
- Powdered Sugar, KitKat spread with chocolate Waffu
RM 20
Green TeaRM 5


A4 Group Poster – RM 20


血小板 (Platelets) In Action – 13 Cells 🧬

Crystal (Leader) – FB LinkIG Link
Kar Mun (Assistant Leader) – FB LinkIG Link
Yucca – FB LinkIG Link
Elyon – FB LinkIG Link
Usagi – FB LinkIG Link
Miyu – FB LinkIG Link
Tiffenny – FB LinkIG Link
Muaji – FB LinkIG Link
Reiko – FB LinkIG Link
Takeshi – FB LinkIG Link
Yaya – FB LinkIG Link
Zori – FB LinkIG Link
Yurika – FB LinkIG Link

What It’s Like At Our Event

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