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AniVintej Collector’s Community

AniVintej Collector’s Community

A group of collectors exhibiting all kinds of rare and obscure anime related collectibles ranging from a variety of clothing, toys, merchandise, and physical media owned by local collectors who are enthusiastic about Japanese pop culture and hobbies.

Natsu Project

Natsu Project

Natsu Project is a club that organises fan events for various series lover.

Recently we are actively organising many Nijisanji themed fan events for the Nijisanji lovers.

We plan fan events like cafes, tea parties, prom night, sport day, and cupsleeve events.

We also have a group of cosplaying hosts who volunteer to interact with our participants.

Touken Love


A group that was formed by local players of the game “Touken Ranbu ONLINE” who share the same passion for the game/series itself. along with interest in the history of these Japanese swords that the game is based on.

La Petite Robe

Lolita Malaysia

La Petite Robe (LPR) is a group of Lolita Fashion enthusiasts in Malaysia. We hope to help nurture the growing Lolita community in Malaysia by organising the Lolita Fashion Market, gatherings and sharing information about this fashion.

Lolita Tea Party

Lolita Tea Party

Lolita Tea Party is small community group for local Lolita enthusiasts based in Malaysia. The group is focused on helping newbies make more friends and increase awareness and knowledge of Lolita fashion within the public. Lolita Tea Part actively organises activities such as gatherings, hangouts, event boothings, and fashion walk



We are a website, an events company, a startup, a talent management firm, a volunteer-run organisation, and most of all, a member of the community. Our main quest is to bring a wave of change to the growing ACG market through the execution of fresh and unorthodox ideas.



MyDoll is a group of BJD and vinyl dolls collectors and enthusiasts

We aim to gather everyone with same interest in BJD and vinyl dolls in this community and organize activities like gatherings, dollmeets, etc.

We would also like to introduce this niche hobby to the newer crowd in hope of gathering new collectors.

We also plan to build a database of local/Malaysia based crafters and doll maker/sellers so that we can help our fellow collectors obtain and sell their items.

Hatsune Miku Fan Club

Hatsune Miku Fan Club

Hatsune Miku Malaysian Club (HMMC) was started in 2022. We are a community of Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid fans.

We organize events, gatherings, and parties such as Miku Day and Hatsune Miku Birthday yearly.

Our goal is to reach out to Miku fans to bring Miku to life in Malaysia!

MJ Studio

MJ Studio

A cosplay prop maker.

Fast and Furious Toastmasters Club


Fast and Furious Toastmasters Club is a dynamic and energetic communication and leadership development club. Inspired by the movie, Fast and Furious, we emphasise on building meaningful memories and creating long-lasting friendships

RealLifeD Productions


RealLifeD Productions is a production studio and a creative community group that provides limitless and breathtaking motion pictures and films, using drones (for outdoor), DSLR and action cameras. Since June 2022, we have worked on travel documentaries, tourism, hospitality, graphic and music studios at almost all events worldwide. Most importantly, we provide joy and happiness to all our clients and strangers through our productions, as accorded with Industry 4.0, UN Sustainable Development Goals and ESG Compliance.

Shogi Malaysia


Shogi Malaysia is a group of Shogi (Japanese Chess) enthusiasts who are looking for more Shogi-loving people to join our cult-, I mean club.

Digimon Collector Malaysia


DIGICOLLE stands for Digimon Collector Malaysia. DIGICOLLE is a Digimon community where we talk about all things Digimon such as Digimon news, new products, Digimon anime, games, toys and so on. The purpose of this group is to gather all Digimon collectors in Malaysia. Our group organizes all sorts of activities such as the Digimon tournament, Digimon collection displays, contest and so on.

The Horder’s Lair


Welcome, delicious stranger. Welcome to the Horder’s Lair. Our Goblin Masters have games… adventures on the tabletop for you, exploring Dungeons and looting from Dragons. We have Goblin Wizards, that wield Magic in The Gathering of our hordes. We have Goblin Artisans, that make wonderrrrful stuff for purchase (Don’t mind the Smol Goblin in your wallet).

Nightshade Tavern


Nightshade Tavern was founded in November 2021 with a vision where both new and old players can co-exist and vibe as friends in TTRPG homebrew games. Our aim was to fill the gaps we saw in the current TTRPG space, creating a welcoming environment that embraces beginners and promotes a healthy gaming experience.

At Nightshade Tavern, we’ve adopted a teach-and-play approach to our sessions, allowing new players to learn the ropes while actively participating in the games. For seasoned players, we offer an exciting selection of homebrew campaigns that bring fresh perspectives to the table.

It is our goal to serve the needs of this community: from token creation to the completion of a module, including game tutorials on using TTRPG-related software.

osu! Malaysia


The official Malaysian osu! rhythm-game community. Connecting all circle-clickers, drum-bashers, fruit-catchers and key-smashers from all around the country!

Malaysian Itasha Movement


The Malaysian Itasha Movement (Est. 2012) community is a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who share a common interest in the art of Itasha.



We are ITADREAM, a newly established Itasha car club in Malaysia. We focus on spreading itasha culture and helping others create their dream itasha.

We welcome anyone interested in itasha or cars to join us. Let’s make itasha culture great in Malaysia!

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