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Singers, the start to your million dreams begins here, right now! Celebrating its 15th year in existence, it is the oldest and most well sought after of its kind in Malaysia ACG events. Show off your singing skills and compete in front of a judge panel and live audiences. If you need more reason to try out, our stage has jump started the career of many local ACG singers!

Expect over pouring talent and crazy energy on our stage as participants climb their way to the top in a 1 versus 1 challenge! Who will be crowned our next AniManGaki Idol champion? Our RM4,000 prize pool awaits to be won!

A preliminary round will see the Top 25 participants compete live at the Pavilion KL – Tokyo Street Anniversary stage on 29th July 2023.


Competition Prizes


RM 1,500
worth of cash & goodies

1st Runner Up

RM 1,000
worth of cash & goodies

2nd Runner Up

RM 750
worth of cash & goodies

Crowd Favourite

RM 750
worth of cash & goodies

Top 12 Contestant







Fuyuki Makina

Kazuki Tai

Fate Feather





Apryl Peredo

Tokyo-based, American-born, Memphis-raised, Apryl Peredo is a multi-faceted music industry professional. She titles herself as an Artist Manager, but she does more than simply manage. With first-hand knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the ever-changing music industry — in general and Japan-specific — and a clear vision of how to help musicians further their careers, she hosts workshops on social media use, publishing, best booking practices, touring regionally and overseas, and long-term planning and goal-setting.

Her early experience as an awful bass player in a punk band led to a position as an A&R intern for EMI, Radio Promotion Assistant and seasonal studio manager for Cotton Row Studios in Memphis TN. Later she began hosting a radio show and co-coordinating weekend music festivals and events in Dallas, Texas. Now in Tokyo she runs the gamut from: co-writing and editing English lyrics for Japanese anime, pop and rock bands; assembling ensemble bands for special projects; and hands-on artist development. She has worked with large festivals such as Countdown Japan! and Warped Japan as well. She is regularly called on by those making short and feature-length films when an “expert” is needed on Japanese modern music to suit a scene. She is the co-organizer of a Tokyo-based showcase festival for both Japanese and overseas bands, Tokyo Beyond, an event that is a unique musical opportunity for international artists wanting to get a taste of the Japanese music scenes, as they would Korea/Zandari, Thailand/BMC and others. In addition to her main work with Japanese domestic artists developing within Japan, she also helps non-Japanese artists who wish to come experience, explore and grow within the Japanese music market by coordinating and managing tours, developing entrance strategy and approaching labels and distributors.

Sample list of Known Artists and Corporations she has worked with in some capacity*:

  • Miyavi – JP
  • FLOW – JP
  • Back-On – JP
  • One Ok Rock – JP
  • Show-Ya – JP
  • CHAI – JP
  • Bars & Melody – UK
  • The Last Internationale – US
  • Arrested Development – US
  • Nathan East – US
  • The Last Rockstars – JP
  • Legendoor, SONY, Universal, Creativeman
  • Benjamin Lin

    Ben is a multi-talented performer who co-founded the Monday Show School of Musical Theatre. He has been training performers for the past 12 years. Not only is he successful as a performer, he also produces shows, vocal coaches, and choreographs. He trains aspiring young talents in the performing arts, many of whom have become professionals in the industry or have been granted the platform to continue their performing arts educational journey in Singapore, Australia, UK and the US.

    Rules & Regulations

    This competition is open to all regardless of nationality, but contestants must be a resident and living in Malaysia.

    This competition is open for individuals ages 14 years and above. For those under the age of 18, please seek parental/guardian consent before participating.

    Singing is the minimum required act for this competition. Only solo acts are allowed. Duets, groups and bands are not qualified for this competition.

    No participant can join more than one entry in this competition.
    AniManGaki 2022 Idol Top Winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) are not allowed to join this year. A grace period of one (1) year is required for all winners of this competition.
    For audition and preliminary round, songs chosen & submitted must be from the following:
    Official Japanese AnimeEnglish / Japanese
    Official Japanese Live Action Series (Adaptation of Japanese anime or manga series)
    Video Games
    Japanese Pop Culture Icon (ie. Hatsune Miku, Hello Kitty, etc.)

    Songs must be of their original language, variations of the songs in other languages are not allowed.

    (Songs from non-Japanese cartoons, non-Japanese Live-action series, and Vtubers are not allowed for this category)

    For the Final Round at AniManGaki 2023, the 2 songs chosen & performed must be from the following:

    Official Anime / Cartoons / AnimationAny Language
    Official Live Action Series (adaptation of anime, cartoons, animation, manga, or comic series)
    Video Games
    Japanese Pop Culture Icon (ie. Hatsune Miku, Hello Kitty, etc.)

    Songs must be of their original language, variations of the songs in other languages are not allowed.

    (Songs from Vtubers are not allowed for this category)
    *Top 12 will be contacted via email for song sumission.

    Participants entering the competition will go through the following process:

    Competition Registration

    Closing Date: 21/07/2023

    Registration Confirmation Email

    3 working days from Submission Date

    Judges’ Pick (TOP 25)

    24/07/2023 (Monday)

    Preliminary Round (TOP 25)

    Event Date: 29/07/2023 (Saturday)
    Tokyo Street Anniversary 2023

    Final Round (TOP 12)

    Event Date: 26/08/2023 (Saturday)
    AniManGaki 2023

    Non-compliance would result in disqualification.

    Participants are to check-in at the Stage 30 minutes before the competition starting time, and be on standby around the area.

    For preliminary round at Pavilion KL – Tokyo Street Anniversary 2023, the Top 25 participants selected by the Judges, will go through the following:

    1. Be physically present for the competition held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
    2. Perform the same track as per registration

    Announcement of the Top 12 advancing to AniManGaki 2023, will happen at 6:00pm on Saturday, 29/07/2023. All participants are required to be physically present during the announcement.

    For the finals at AniManGaki 2023, winners of the competition will be announced on 26/08/2023, Saturday.

    Competition Registration

    Kindly fill out the Registration Form with the required details. Should you encounter any submission difficulty, please email us at [email protected]
    Registration officially ends on 21st July 2023, Friday at 11:59 (GMT+8). Registration is on a first-come, first-verify basis.
    *Subject to change
    No walk-ins allowed.
    Every submission is final; kindly ensure all details provided are complete and accurate. Incomplete and inaccurate submissions will be disqualified.
    An acknowledgement email will be sent to you within three (3) working days from registration submission, confirming your participation in the competition.
    Registration officially ends on 21st July 2023, Friday at 11.59PM (GMT+8). Should you need to make any changes, please RESUBMIT a new form and recording file before the deadline! The latest entry will automatically replace any previous entry. Post-deadline (re)submissions will not be entertained.
    By participating in this competition, each participant accepts the conditions stated in the rules and agrees to be bound by the decisions of AniManGaki and their partners.
    By entering and/or accepting the prize, participants and winners agree to hold AniManGaki and its partners harmless for liability, damages or claims for injury or loss to any person or property relating to, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, participation in this competition, the acceptance and/or subsequent use or misuse, or condition of the prizes awarded, or claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy.
    AniManGaki, in their sole discretion, reserve the immediate and unrestricted right to disqualify any entrant or prize winner, if either commits or has committed any act, or has been involved or becomes involved in any situation or occurrence which AniManGaki deems likely to subject AniManGaki, entrant or winner to ridicule, scandal or contempt or which reflects unfavourably upon AniManGaki in any way. If such information is discovered by AniManGaki after a winner has received notice of his/her prize and before the prize is awarded, AniManGaki may rescind the prize in its entirety. If a portion of his/her prize has already been awarded, AniManGaki may withdraw the remainder of the prize that has been fulfilled.

    Competition Format

    Online Submission

    Each participant would need to fill up the form and attach a recording of your singing in the form of a video via YouTube or Google Drive Link. Please ensure your video is readily accessible under the shared link. You are strongly encouraged to submit high quality recording files to ensure the best representation of your singing. Smule files are specifically prohibited. Should you encounter any submission difficulty, please email us at [email protected]
    The recording of your singing must be with a karaoke/instrumental accompaniment and should not exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds. You are encouraged to trim the song to enable optimal expression of your vocal talent (i.e. edit out long intro).
    Lip sync and vocal effects are not allowed in your recording – we definitely prefer to hear your raw vocal sound!
    Visual editing on the recording is not allowed (ie. Adding lighting effects or subtitles).

    TOP 25
    (Preliminary Round)

    Participants who made it to the Top 25 will be informed via email by 24th July 2023 by 10:00PM.

    Successful participants are to compete in the Preliminary Round at Pavilion KL – Tokyo Street Anniversary held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on the 29th July 2023, Saturday.

    Songs performed for this round will be the same as your submitted song for the competition application (duration not more than 2 minutes 30 seconds). Change in song is not allowed during this round.

    Only 12 finalists will advance to AniManGaki 2023 Idol Competition. All finalists will be announced at Pavilion KL – Tokyo Street Anniversary at 6:00PM, 29th July 2023, Saturday.

    Finalists will be contacted via email and Whatsapp for more details and information about the preparations for the Finals at AniManGaki 2023 on 26/08/2023, Saturday.

    Judging Criteria

    Vocal Ability10 pts
    Charisma5 pts
    Originality3 pts
    Crowd Engagement2 pts
    Total20 pts

    Other Terms & Conditions

    By entering the competition, participants have consented by default that:

    • AniManGaki is not responsible for any damages to participants’ costumes or props during the competition.
    • AniManGaki is not responsible for participant’s physical damage or injury during the competition. First-aid will be provided if necessary.
    • AniManGaki is not responsible for any property or emotional losses during a participant’s participation in the competition.
    • Participants are held responsible for any damages to stage, and other equipment caused during the competition.
    • AniManGaki reserves the right to use participant’s images and performance recordings for promotional purposes.
    • AniManGaki reserves the rights to alter the rules and structure of the competition as they see fit.
    • By submitting your entries, all participants agree and acknowledge that all intellectual property rights thereto shall belong to AniManGaki. AniManGaki shall have the exclusive right to use, edit, modify and publish the entry submitted by all the participants, publish or not publish the names of the participants, in any way it deems fit for any advertising, trade, promotional purpose and for any other reason whatsoever, without any further notice to the participants and the participants shall not claim ownership or any payment or compensation on the materials. For the avoidance of doubt, the submissions will not be edited for judging purposes.
    • AniManGaki reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed unsuitable for the competition, and judges’ decisions are final.
    • All results given by judges are finalised and cannot be contested.
    • AniManGaki will not bear any cost related to the entry of the participants.
    • By participating in this competition, each participant accepts the conditions stated in the rules and agrees to be bound by the decisions of AniManGaki. Every submission is final, please ensure all details provided are complete and accurate. Incomplete and inaccurate submissions will be disqualified.

    Covid Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    • All participants must be fully vaccinated.
    • Face masks are encouraged, but not mandatory.
    • Sanitize and maintain good hygiene whenever possible.
    • A Self Covid RTK test is encouraged to ensure everyone’s safety.
    • If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please inform our staffs immediately, and we will escort you to the nearest medic bay/clinic:
    • Common Symptoms

      • Fever
      • Dry Cough
      • Tiredness
      • Loss of taste or smell

      Less Common Symptoms

      • Sore Throat
      • Headache
      • Aches and pains
      • Diarrhoea
      • A rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes
      • Red of irritated eyes

      Serious Symptoms

      • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
      • Loss of speech or mobility or confusion
      • Chest pain

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