Introducing the stage performers roster for this year’s AniManGaki 2022. Arrre ya ready kids?

02 PRO

02 PRODUCTION, simply known as 02 PRO (pronounced as Zero-Two-Pro), is a Malaysia-based cosplay dance group that adores THE IDOLM@STER series. Featuring performance filled with energetic dances, They will be covering dances accompanied with the songs from the series!

Amelia Khor

She is an anisong YouTuber, a full-time cosplayer, and a game streamer. Looking forward to the return of her stage performance ever since the Covid pandemic along with her band.


Hailing from KL, Brightburn started off as a band dedicated for ACG (Anime Comic & Games) events playing various covers from Digimon, all the way to Hero Academia.

Heavily influenced by the likes of One OK Rock and Survive Said the Prophet, they began writing their own originals.

Liliana Vampaia & Virion Kisei

MyHoloTV’s cute dhampir-san, Liliana and slime-kun, Virion are coming to bring their vocals to your ears! Will you be charmed by their melodic voices and have you realize their dreams?

Meelz ft. Melody Snowflake & Lilyrabbitsings

Welcome To The Sisterhood!

Meelz is back for AniManGaki with some very special friends along the way, featuring Lilyrabbitsings and Melody Snowflake, they will be playing some original songs and covers based on shows like The Owl House, Amphibia, Steven Universe, and more!

PARIPIPRO ft. Delta:Alter

Delta:Alter presents, PARIPIPRO (Paripi Project)! A group of 3 passionate performers consisting of Ristelle, Cili and Rina converged from Deltarhythm that performs Macross Delta Song series in the past.

Start your day with a bang with all of your favourite Paripi Koumei songs this AniManGaki 2022! As they will narrate the anime through songs for you!

Ray Mak

YouTube Official Verified Artist. He is one of the earliest Content Creators on YouTube Malaysia, and one of the Most Prolific Creators of Musical Covers on YouTube. Ray Mak shares his passion by making piano covers of songs requested by his fans and his favourite radio tunes, played purely by ear. He has covered a whole range of genres from pop to rock and even rap to dubstep, all on the piano.

Project Coser: Very Jepang

Project Coser: VJ Section has been dancing since 2012, but has been performing on major stages since 2013. It has been about 10 years and they would like to use this performance to thank all their dedicated audience members and the organising committees who have trusted them to bring you guys the best in J-Pop & niconico dances.

Project Coser: Odottemita Random Dance Party

Project Coser, would want to bring upon the stage, some of their odottemita pals and friends: including Camille, Rin; and representatives from Kisetsu, Bellatrix, Dancing Potatoes, Waqiqi, & Lunatic to invite you to a dance-along where the song’s arrangement will be presented to you by the sensational Vtuber DJ – DJ Taka~!

Taka Kazuki

A music producer & DJ with six years of experience, and a VTuber hailing from the Malaysia VTube Community (MYVT). Despite his debut as a VTuber for only about a year, he has been involved with various known music projects within the community and among peers.


STELLA is a new Malaysian-based YouTaite cover group, most likely debuting on YouTube after AniManGaki. They sing songs in Japanese with their own products ranging different art forms (vocals, visual art, mixing, animation).

The Oni-Sons

Stay tuned to their upcoming performance. Where they will bring you a blast from the past!

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