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YouTuber and Storytime Illustrator

I’m an American YouTuber who now currently resides in Japan!
My channel consists of videos where I illustrate conversations with friends and stories about my personal life! Recently I started streaming on twitch as a VTuber on the side but my main focus is youtube and my art!


Manga Artist and Illustrator

Shirahama debuted as a mangaka artist with the Beam Comics serialized manga; “Eniale & Dewiela”. Her works include creating cover illustrations and art for names such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars and more. Serialization of her latest manga “Witch Hat Atelier” began in 2016, garnering popularity from not only within Japan, but across the globe starting with France’s “Japan Expo Awards” while winning an award from there and beyond.


Webcomic Creator

RandoWis is a creator who has authored comics, illustrations, animations, and videos on the internet that are viewable for free on his main website and social media platforms. Starting out as a series of short comics that he made for his classmates back in 2011, he has since published works for all to see and enjoy for the past 10 years.


Anisong Singer

MindaRyn, an Anisong singer with over 1 million followers on her
YouTube channel, started chasing her dream as a YouTuber and
finally a major debut in Japan in 2020 with Lantis record label.
She has made 4 successful singles, which consists of opening
and ending theme songs for many anime. With her talent and
trilingual skill, (Thai, English and Japanese), she has reached
many fans from all over the world!

Featured Guests


Known for his food reviews on TikTok but what people don’t know is that Ceddy is a gamer who loves Genshin Impact and he will be cosplaying for the first time!

Le Josette

Her name is Josette of “Le Josette”! And she is a devoted streamer, content creator & petite cosplayer from Malaysia.


An up-and-coming Twitch variety streamer. Quirky and energetic, he streams himself travelling and may talk a bit too much sometimes. He also loves playing the drums too!


Shinku is a reputable cosplayer with more than 10 years of experience under her belt. With much passion and dedication, she enjoys bringing her favorite characters to live.

Ernest Ng

A Malaysian cartoonist and content creator behind ‘Bro, Don’t Like That La, Bro’ and recently, the most viral webcomic, Covidball Z.


Reiko’s dedication to cosplaying is constantly growing. Energetic, young, and fun are the best ways to describe her. On both days, she will be cosplaying as Black Shark’s virtual assistant, Shark Chan to meet & greet everyone!

Amelia Khor

A one leg kick cosplayer who can do it all, Amelia is also a game streamer and covers anisongs on Youtube!

King Angel

A Malaysian cosplayer, streamer, model, makeup artist and maid cafe owner, King Angel is passionate about meeting people and putting smiles on their faces! She is now addicted to Genshin Impact.


A Malaysian cosplayer, game video creator and artisan, she has been cosplaying since 2010 and live streaming on Facebook since 2020.


A full-time illustrator and comic creator. He is known for his works for Gempak Starz under the pen-name Cicak. He is currently writing for X-venture and Dinosaur Explorers, published under Kadokawa Gempak Starz. His art is known for his dynamic poses and intrinsic details.


A highly sought-after artist with his capabilities extends to concept design, storyboarding, hand-painting and illustration. Lip Wei’s foundation is built upon incredibly detailed line work, strong inks, and beautiful colors.

Faezal Tan

Faezal Tan is a Malaysian comic book illustrator and designer. He is currently working with AlterEgo Studio on his own book series ‘Evening Rumours’ and other visual development design projects.


Born in Kota Kinabalu, the Sino-Kadazan’s childhood interest in art matured into a love of comic. Using his keen observation and humour, he created #kendylife.


Enduring popular acclaim for his 4-panel comic ‘Lawak Kampus’ propelled him to renown, not just locally but among comic book readers as far afield as China.


Her ornate, Japanese manage-influenced art style has won her many fans, particularly of her ‘Candy’ and ‘Prince’ series which she has been producing since 2013.


It’s not always just about looks with Rynna. She also excites and charms her fans through her friendly and cute personality.

EBI 熊熊虾米

A real-life lazy bear who is the total opposite when it comes to cosplaying, Ebi finds warmth in the cosplay community and it helps bring out the best in her when portraying a character.


Cosplaying since a tender age of 17, Wenzi has also grown to become a game streamer. She is easily spooked which makes her live reactions very entertaining!


Born with natural adorable-ness, Eclair specializes in portraying the cutest of characters – but that doesn’t stop her from pushing her limits with cosplaying elegant and cool characters too!


Adventurous and humble, Mochii diversifies the types of character she cosplays in search of new ways to improve her craft!


Driven and motivated, Crystal stayed true to her dreams and has been cosplaying for more than a decade. She also keeps the beats of her passions alive with her skills as an artist and drummer!


A hololive coser by day and a game streamer by night, Vmeow flaunts her loli and onee-chan personality as she portrays her real and virtual personas!


Takodess finds satisfaction in bringing her favorite waifu characters to life for her fans. Her beloved sleep gives her fuel to deliver realistic cosplays!

HIYORI ひより小蝦

Determined and friendly just like Anya, Hiyori fuses her love for anime, Japanese culture and her petite stature into bringing kawaii characters to life!


Lea Joanes has been cosplaying for 10 years. The opportunity to meet different people, sharing similar passions and ideas is a huge drive for Lea to continue this cosplay journey.


Mikki Kairi began cosplaying 12 years ago. The enjoyment to continue down this path as a career stems from the fact that ACG and cosplay brings lovely people together, creating wonderful memories along the way.

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