General talent

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Have a skill set/talent and you are looking to showcase it at an AniManGaki project? Perhaps you want to share your passion or just let us know about your repertoire. Truly, the world is your oyster, and we would like to see how we can help/support you.

Kindly understand that this opportunity may not be just for AniManGaki 2022, but also other projects by AniManGaki that we may have presently or in the future.
What matters is that we are networking!

Applicable, but not limited to:

  • Musicians (Soloist, bands, percussion players etc)
  • Dancers
  • Performer (Emcee, tricks etc)
  • Special Interest Panelists
  • Workshop Gurus
  • Creative Exhibits (Props, Collection, Artworks etc)
  • Etc (Surprise Us!)
Why are we doing this?
Makes it easier for us to connect. We often receive many requests from you to perform or get involved in AniManGaki projects. So we are simplifying this process for your convenience (and ours!).

Lowering the fear factor. AniManGaki is a community ACG event. We are always open to giving and helping others shine. But the challenge is, we understand the process can be rather intimidating. You might think we are scary or don’t care about what you do. We are also pretty limited in our ability to find you. So here’s our way of saying “you got nothing to lose” and tell us “you exist”.

So you can continue to do what you love safely through our endorsement and you don’t have to do this alone. We get how hard it is.



Fill up your form thoroughly and accurately to ensure that we can reach out to you. Kindly ensure the email address given is correct.


Our priority remains the smooth management of our projects, so we may take a while to respond. Don’t panic! As long as you drop us a submission, be assured that we will get round to you sooner or later.


It may hit you like a curveball! So, stay positive and keep manifesting. You will never know when we will be knocking on your door.

If you are a commercial entity (aka company/brand), please speak to our external relations team at [email protected].

Stay Connected

Get updated on new happenings before everyone else!
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