Community Room

Curious about the niche ACG communities? Wanna find a place to belong? You are not alone! Try visiting our community room to explore!


Our objective is to create awareness on varieties of rhythm games, showcase rhythm gamer talents and forming new experiences.


We exist to spread the love and awareness for Dungeons and Dragons in a more accessible and approachable manner.We collect signs-up for our community, do mini giveaways, and workshops for people to experience D&D. There will also be a display our modules and catalog of homebrew contents.


We exhibit a few selected rare obscure anime merchandise from several collectors of our own community. Meanwhile we will explain and sharing knowledge to every collector that have same interest.


We are a group of doll enthusiasts looking to share our passion! At AniManGaki, we will be displaying dolls and allowing other doll owners who visit the event to display their dolls there. Come join our panel for an insight into our world.


We are Digimon collectors and enthusiasts who will be displaying all things Digimon! Come check out our Digimon tournament too!


Have you ever heard or tried any Japanese freeware games? Today is your lucky day! Come by our booth to learn more!


Shogi aka Japanese chess is a strategy board game for two players. We will be running demos and recruiting members at AniManGaki! Come join our workshop to learn more as well.

Muzi Japan 木子日制

Hi! We will be at AniManGaki to display, promote and share Authentic Japanese School Uniforms Cultures (日制校供)

Lolita Tea Party MY

It’s fuwa fuwa time! Our community will be bringing dress and accessories display, and providing you some lolita education. Come join our community, and take pictures with fellow lolita.


Introducing the history and types of Lolita Fashion while sharing about our previous and upcoming activities. We hope to clear the air about any misconceptions, introduce people who are keen to join this community and encourage a healthy hobby. We hope to promote the growth of our local Malaysian Lolita scene.


As a collector myself, I will be displaying various collections of Hatsune Miku figures and merchandises. Miku fans, come by!


We got anime car, motorcycles and bicycles! Check out our displays down at the Main Hall featuring a few of our members’ vehicles, which are all itasha-themed, with liveries of anime characters. We will answer any questions you may have regarding itashas and share our experiences.

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