Welcome To The Sisterhood!

Rockin’ YouTube since 2011, Meelz is a pop-punk artist with a message to share, fresh off his EP ‘Welcome To The Sisterhood’.

Having played at shows across Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and Singapore, Meelz does original songs and covers based on fandoms such as She-Ra, The Owl House, Infinity Train and Steven Universe, just to name a few ; including his hit song ‘Just Friends’, nearing 100k views and 2k subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Halo everyone! My name is Kururu and I’m from Indonesia. I do covers for anisong and vocaloid songs on YouTube and will be performing at AMG Online 2021.


I’m ALida, a YouTuber from Indonesia, I upload song covers on my YouTube channel. I mostly sing anime soundtracks and other Japanese songs. I started uploading covers in 2018.

I will be singing some of the most popular anime soundtracks in 2019, please stay tune and watch!

Ray Mak

The Sound of Piano Music

YouTube Official Verified Artist. One of the earliest Content Creators on YouTube Malaysia and One of the Most Prolific Creators of Musical Covers on YouTube, Malaysian Ray Mak shares his passion by making piano covers of songs requested by his fans and his favorite radio tunes, played purely by ear. He has covered a whole range of genres from pop to rock and even rap to dubstep, all on the piano.

Verified Official Artist on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, Google Music, YouTube Music, DailyMotion, Weibo, OnlyFans and most other platforms.

Simple Jam

Simple Jam is a musical team that does some ‘translation’ covers in Malay version, especially for Anisongs. It is one of the segments in Simple Production’s YouTube channel – an upcoming production house founded in 2016 with young enthusiast. We’re new to the system and we’ll entertain you with our different weekly contents.


桿子Drumstick is an anime musician from Taipei, Taiwan, and his YouTube channel has more than 100 million views in 170 countries. He has organized ACG Band Live events in Taiwan for several years, to give positive power with anime music to every audience.

He leads two animation bands with different styles, Ring and Colorful Moments, and they were also amazed by the live enthusiasm of the anime fans of Malaysia. They all hope that after the pandemic ends, they can travel Malaysia again and enjoy music and performances with you all!
Please enjoy their latest MV now!


「月宵◇クレシェンテ」(Luna crescente in Italian) is a new Taiwan idol group formed by Japan Toypla Inc, which is the company behind the famous Japanese idol 煌めき☆アンフォレント.
The five members, Seto Aina, Yumeno Riyuki, Hanagi Riri, Sakuraba Hatsuki, Nemuri Himeko, were selected from more than 100 applicants, and the election was held by へなぎ-san, the producer of 煌めき☆アンフォレント.

They already have an overwhelming popularity and huge internet voices, and will make waves in the near future.


Shinning as colorful as the spectrum cast by the sun, wishes everyone full of energy.

「陽光◆スペクトラ」(Sol Spectra) is the sister group of 「月宵◇クレシェンテ」(Luna Crescente), also from Japan Toypla Inc. The group consists of Marukawa Kyouai, Kurume Sugi, Amagi Noei, Amagi Mai, and Hoshino Momoka.

They already have overwhelming popularity and huge internet voices, and will make waves in the near future.


We are Re:TurN-Circus-! A girl dancing band formed in 2016, consisting of two members: Team leader who is cute as an elfin-[Neko] and boyish handsome-[DeDe]. We performed at AniManGaki 2019 and AMG Online 2020.

This time, we won’t be absent from AMG Online 2021! Please come to see us!

暖爐 Stove

Hello everyone, I am 暖爐 Stove! I’m a dancer who often uploads dance cover videos on YouTube. There are more than one hundred videos uploaded to date. Last year, I performed my cover video “Natsu Koi Hanabi”. I will also bring my best performance on AMG Online 2021. Hope to see you all again.

Pumpkin Nest Maid Cafe

Opened its doors at the end of October 2020, Pumpkin Nest Maid Café. A.K.A. Pumpkin Nest Witch Coven, is the most novel maid cafe in Taiwan and located near the Taoyuan train station. Set in the witch’s stories of the middle ages, the café combines the western classic spirit and the kawaii Japanese style to present a whole new style in the maid cafe culture. Our witches are looking forward to mingle with you mortals in the future, TOGETHER.

The coven does not just invite the hidden witches in the mortal world for our One day maid event, but also performers with many different styles to do our Secret Magic Training Lesson(Show). At the same time, we’re working hard to cultivate talents of performing and planning that we could perform everywhere someday.

We are so excited to be part of AMG Online 2021. And we’re looking forward to meeting you mortals online.


TUKUYOMI is the oldest operating Meido Café in Taiwan opening its doors since 2005. Today, TUKUYOMI has a total of 5 branches in Taiwan, with its main branch located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. We promote Meido culture actively, and have also been involved at overseas events such as Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau, to name a few.

We release original music and are open to collaborate with different art industries. In 2019, we added a virtual idol Vtuber, to keep up with the latest technology, and is the only UPD8 member in Taiwan.

Okaerinasai Goushujin-sama and Ojou-sama.
Yes! My Dear Master! TUKUYOMI’s waitresses, who are dressed in maid costumes, refers to our customers as “MASTER”. While the customers can enjoy a drink at the café, they can also take “Cheki” with the meidos as souvenirs.

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