Touhou Matsuri

Need something to pass the time during MCO period? No problem! We’re bringing Touhou Matsuri into the online space in Touhou Matsuri Online 2020 on August 21 – 23, together with AniManGaki!

Hangout Session / Gameplay Showcase

Come hop into our stream at 2PM onward and hangout and chill together among the Touhou communities as we showcase some Touhou gameplays from both Official and Unofficial/Fanmade works.

Interview Sessions

We will be having an interview session with both local and oversea Touhou guests to talk about current events and Touhou in general.
We have a special oversea guest in store for you, so stay tune!.

SEAsouten Rising Cup Stream

No Touhou Matsuri event is complete without some form of friendly game competition.

The SEAsouten group has organized a Hisoutensoku Tourney on the 22nd August 2020, which will be streamed on our platform. Be sure to book your time to enjoy the spectacle of danmaku and martial arts clashing among the Touhou’s.

Date : 22nd August: 4:00PM – 6:00PM
Venue : Streamed on Malaysian Touhou Brigade’s Page

Art Competition & Lucky Draw

Want to make the most use of your time during MCO period? The Malaysian Touhou Brigade is proud to present our first Touhou online art competition! Let the creative juices flow and stand a chance to win awesome prizes!

Read the Guidelines and send your submissions here:

Additionally, a lucky draw event is held before ending the day for Touhou Matsuri Online!

Come RVSP the event page to stay up to date on our plans for Malaysia’s first Touhou Online Event:

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