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Calling all dog and cat owners,

Here is a chance for you to have fun, bond and make precious memories with your pets. Get creative and share with us a photo of your cute pets in cosplay costume! Swoon the hearts of many and your pet may walk away with these awesome prizes!




RM500 worth of pet product


RM350 worth of pet product


RM200 worth of pet product

congratulations to our winners!

First Place

Second place

Third Place


-I have been cosplaying since 2011.

-Represented Malaysia twice for cosplay competitions: Clara Cow Cosplay Cup (C4) 2017 and World Cosplay Summit (2018)

-Invited cosplay guest, judge and performer to countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong and Bulgaria.

-Loves making own props and costumes and challenging artistic expression through photoshoots.

JY has been in the local cosplay scene since 2009. An enthusiastic cosplayer for the stage, JY has participated in multiple stage activities varying from Solo to Group Cosplay Competitions, Coswalk and Cosplay Panels. With active participation, it comes with the reward of achievements and experiences along the way, namely Champion of Animangaki Group Competition 2015, Depulze, Game Plan, BookFest and etc. JY has also guested and judge for both local and international cosplay competition such Pekan Kartun 2015, Season4Otaku 2016, Aki Matsuri (Vietnam) 2017 and more. as Strong character portrayal in not only visual but characteristics is what she held strongly throughout the cosplay journey which opens the door to hosting Cosplay Panels (Yuri on Ice & Black Butler) and various Cosplay Cafes. Not stopping at only the front stage, JY also holds an active role in the back stage of several ACG events. Nevertheless, don’t be fooled by her serious looks, Shiba Inu and Cats would probably make her go “O///w//O”


Yugana Senshi Uon, was an In-House-Designer with a degree in Film and Animation. She worked as a Visual Merchandiser for high profile shopping malls that won FIABCI awards in Malaysia before becoming a Full-Time-Stay-At-Home-Mother. She embarked into the world of cosplay in 2013, as genderbend Joker. Currently she is pursuing her Masters in Counselling. She has also guested and judge various local and international events. She is the consultant and judge for the first ever cosplay competition crafting television series in Asia – Cosplay Heroes. Yugana’s work, interviews and features have captured attention the world over in International media.

Meet our contestants

Pet Name: Fuzzt

Owner Name: Rina Tan

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Pet Name: Muffin

Owner Name: Kuroyami Akai

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Pet Name: 毛哥Brother Mao

Owner Name: Aki小秋

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Pet Name: Woofie

Owner Name: Vinca Kazuki

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Pet Name: Namine

Owner Name: Siti Norulazimah

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Pet Name: Kuro-neko

Owner Name: Siti Norulazimah

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Pet Name: Mikomi

Owner Name: Fong joey

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Pet Name: Nano

Owner Name: Putri Nasuha

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Pet Name: BokGao

Owner Name: Lau Ying Yen

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Pet Name: XiaoYv

Owner Name: Lau Ying Yen

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Pet Name: A Bo

Owner Name: Joanne Kok

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Pet Name: Loki

Owner Name: Razlene Roslan

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Pet Name: Chubee

Owner Name: Evangeline Tong

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Pet Name: May

Owner Name: Sew Sin Yan

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Pet Name: Eashtien (Ashtin)

Owner Name: Noorsuliza 

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Pet Name: Timon

Owner Name: Sew Hui Xin

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Pet Name: Fish

Owner Name: Ti Shin Jan

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Pet Name: PonPon

Owner Name: Moo Wen Qing

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