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Calling all Legends of Runeterra players! Show off your skills and battle to the top at The Magic Rain’s Legends of Runeterra Tournament, happening on the 21st of August at AniManGaki Online 2020. Amazing prizes from Riot Games and AniManGaki await you, so be sure to sign up now:

Date: 21 August 2020

Time : 7:00pm (Malaysia Time)

Players type in their best response to the question and then are pitted against each other in a head-to-head battle, while the rest of the players (and YOU!) vote on their favourite. Join us live together with host, Ash (GG Twins) as we guess who the ultimate winner is! Featuring Team Gaki, Team Cosplayer, Team MTB, and Team Voice Acting!

Date: 22 August 2020

Time : 5:00pm (Malaysia Time)

Four teams, 100 tokens, and 15 minutes inside a claw machine shop! Prepare for total chaos! With host Ash (GG Twins), watch as Team Gaki, Team Cosplayer, Team Performer, and Team Malaysian Itasha Movement battle it out to see who can grab the most toys at Play United! Root for your favourite! Stay tuned to AMG Online to find out!

Date: 23 August 2020

Time : 1:30pm (Malaysia Time)

Facebook: Play United

Let’s hangout and get to know these three local artists as they talk about their works and inspiration. Right before they get pressure tested to draw Pikachu, Naruto & Luffy (One Piece)!


Date: 23 August 2020

Time : 2:30pm (Malaysia Time)

Think you know your anime? Challenge yourself in our live Anime Quiz Game Show! Where we test your otaku-ness in a series of trivia, clips, audios, and videos. Tune in and prove yourself to be the Ultimate Otaku!

Date: 23 August 2020

Time : 6:00pm (Malaysia Time)

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