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If you are reading this, we believe you and/or your friends may be looking to secure a spot at AniManGaki Online 2020 to sell your works. Fret not, you are at the right place and we got you covered. Things are a little bit different this time round, so make sure you read the rules and regulations thoroughly before signing up!


    Rules & Regulations

    Please read the Rules & Regulations stated here in the website.

    Should you have any doubts or difficulties, feel free to message us at [email protected].

    Fill up Registration Form

    Fill up your form thoroughly and accurately to ensure greater success at scoring a booth at our event. Payment information will be sent via email, kindly ensure the email address given is correct.


    Artists and cosplayers will be selected base on a first come first serve basis. Only the first 50 eligible artists and cosplayers will be selected. Please ensure all information in your registration form are filled up correctly to avoid being disqualified.


    Email containing payment details will be sent to selected applicants. Kindly process payment within the given time frame.


    Upon payment confirmation, kindly await an email instruction for the marketplace set-up.  


    • Kindly read the following rules carefully before applying for the booth.
    • AMG Online 2020 Marketplace for artist and cosplay will be hosted by our partner FamsyMall on their official website ( and will run from 21st – 28th August 2020.
    • Registration period will open at 6.00pm on 22nd July 2020 (Thursday) and will close at 12.00pm on 31st July 2020 (Friday) or whenever 50 booths are occupied.
    • Forms submitted before or after the registration period will not be entertained.
    • All registrations will be screened for eligible applicants. Each group that applies and is accepted will count as one entry. Any artist found applying under multiple names will see his/her application immediately rejected.
    • Booth selection process will be on a first come first serve basis.
    • Payment information will be sent out to those who are selected via email. Most communications will be done via email, please ensure you have entered the correct email address when registering.
    • Kindly process payment as per email instruction and reply with the requested information for verification purposes.
    • If payment is not made within the given time frame, your slot will be forfeited and the next artist or cosplayer on the waiting list will be prioritised.
    • Payment confirmation email will be sent out once payment is confirmed and verified. Please allow up to 2 weeks of processing time.



    • Booth Price: RM70 (non-refundable) per booth with an additional 5% commission for each item sold. (For example, if seller sold a RM10 item, FamsyMall will collect RM0.50 for that item.) The fees will be used to cover hosting fees service, payment gateway, and fulfilment services.
    • All payment transaction must take place on FamsyMall website and payment gateway only.
    • Fan arts and crafts related to animation, comics and games are highly encouraged.
    • Each seller may list up to 15 unique items only. The items will be listed on FamsyMall website throughout the mentioned date above. Items must be ready made (no commission request), and may be in physical or digital copy.
    • No price variations (tiered bundle pricing for single items) are allowed. However, we encourage artists and cosplayers to sell items in sets (i.e., Set A contains three badges of specific designs) as the variant.
    • For design variations, each unique items (i.e., button badge or stickers) may have up to 10 design variations (i.e., Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura) for each of the 5 specifications (i.e., shirt size, material) only. For example, one shirt, five designs, six shirt sizes.
    • Sellers would have to provide all product photos based on a template advised via confirmation email.
    • After 28 August 2020, sellers would be sent a sales report indicating what items have been sold and their respective quantities.
    • Sellers need to prepare quantity of items on sales report accordingly and send to FamsyMall (via courier or drop-off at FamsyMall office) within 5 days. Sellers will cover their own courier fees. Failure to fulfil may result in the artist not receiving payment for the items sold.
    • Make sure your items are in good condition before sending it to FamsyMall. If your items require proper packaging, kindly supply those to FamsyMall to ensure item is not damaged during shipping.
    • AMG and FamsyMall are not responsible for sales, emotional and items lost or damaged during shipping. If a lost package occurs, you would be notified with an evidence report.
    • After completing all orders with customers, net sales payment will be provided to artist by late September 2020.
    • FamsyMall will repackage and deliver the items to customers. Be noted that due to the global pandemic complications, shipping may take up to two months for customers of certain regions.
    • As an initiative to push sales for artists and cosplayers, AMG and FamsyMall will run lucky draws for customers who purchased items on the dates above. The winners will be announced on our social media channels after 28th August 2020.
    • This arrangement helps to ensure the safety and convenience of all parties involved. No need for the shipping hassles and generally safer, artists and cosplayers do not need to have close contact with customers during the event. Customers may also shop at ease as there is a secure payment gateway and combined, cheaper shipping fees. A win-win situation for everyone!
    • No commercial/bootleg/industrial goods (new or preowned). Artist booths are for self-published works. If you are a company or organization, consider applying for an exhibitor booth.
    • No dangerous/illegal items. This includes but not limited to sharp objects, chemicals, working guns, 18+ rated, stolen copyright goods, etc.


    AniManGaki reserves the right to change the Rules and Regulations without prior notice.

    • AniManGaki and its partners are not liable for any sales, items or emotional loss occurred during the event. Please take care of your belongings
    • AniManGaki is not responsible for items sold by another artist or cosplayer. However, if they are, say; selling your art or doing any copyright infringement, kindly report to us and we will take the necessary action.
    • Artists and cosplayers shall at all time protect, identify, and keep AniManGaki harmless against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense.
    • Owners must refrain from actions or omissions that put them or anyone nearby in danger or other damage of any kind or give rise to situations that may cause similar results.
    • Lastly, have fun at AMG Online 2020.


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